Master PlutoCraft – CRAZY?

Interview by Stephanie P. - U.K. Writer And Journalist

Master PlutoCraft was interviewed about his life story. It was not always the case when he was rich, famous and his life was in harmony.

He did work as taxi driver making very low income. He did have major life difficulties that would drive many people crazy.

Then, Master PlutoCraft discovered Magick and used it for himself. After he saw tremendous results, he began to help other people.

His first case was one of the hardest cases for a new Magick practitioner - to reconcile a very damaged relationship. He had to put his reputation on the line and did the best he could. As a result, couple got happily married within just 6 months.

He faced many intense challenges in Magick and engaged in Magick wards with other practitioners to keep his status. Winning every single war, he gained immense confidence in Protection Magick.

Master PlutoCraft later engaged in his favorite Magick type - Business Magick! And that also covers Money Magick.

He later went and figured out a formula on how to make Custom Spells work.

Then, Master PlutoCraft worked on increasing speed of results for his clients. He developed a spell, called Mercury Magick Speed Spell to speed up the results.

And he also developed a spell called Pluto Inevitable Change Love Spell. With it's power, he is able to get an ex back as inevitable change, which beats all circumstances! Basically, name says it all!

Hire Master PlutoCraft to do work for you and you'll never look back! His quality of work and intensity to help you succeed are unmatched by anyone in the industry!

You can look and test others but remember - you will still come back to Master PlutoCraft because there is a reason why he is called 5 Star Magician!

Valentine’s Day Love Magick

Love Magick Spell

If You Have A Relationship, I Sincerely Congratulate You! But If You Are Lonely, Say And Unwanted - I Have Good News For You Right This Second!

Hello everyone!

PlutoCraft wishes you a very happy Valentine's Day - a day of lovers!

Those of you who have love - very sincere congratulations! Remember to keep your relationship strong and know that one of the biggest secrets of strong relationships is communication! Without communication, you get misunderstandings and your relationship begins to fall apart. Don't ever let this happen!

But there are people who are lonely today. You may be reading this and feel lonely... Sad... Confused... Unwanted... And even inadequate....

If this happens to you, I have good news for you - do not worry!!!

Do you know why?

Because it is easily fixable (well, unless there is something REALLY wrong, but even then...)

How is it fixable?

Easy, with a very powerful Attraction Spell! Not only you attract love, but you also attract many benefits described in Attraction Spell!


There are people who are completely in love with someone but that someone doesn't love them back. Let me tell you a little secret: usually, it is energy incompatibility and it can easily be fixed! Both of your energies can be set to match and magic happens - you become together again!

How is it done? Just choose any of Ex Back Magick Spells because all of them come with energy compatibility benefits!

Finally, there are people who never been in a relationship with that special someone but they like them a lot - yet, they are emotionally traumatized that the person does not like them back. What to do?

Simply get Come To Me, Love Me and Stay With Me love spell combination!

What does it do? Come To Me spell makes the person come to you, so you can start dating...

Love Me spell makes the person fall in love with you and love you...

Stay With Me spell secures your relationship with strength... !!!

Do you get the idea now?

And don't ever listen to anyone who says that Love Magick does not create real love. Actually, it does completely opposite. It does create real love by removing co-dependency, which exists in nearly all relationships.

So, imagine that co-dependent people who mistakes love with co-dependency tell you that Love Magick does not create real love??? It's like a poor person is telling you how to be rich...

I know that because after I performed over 2,000 spells as of today, I know the feedback.

And yes, I did perform over 2,000 spells.

But guess what?

The most demanded type of Magick is Love Magick! So, just imagine how many love spells I performed and what kind of feedback I've got!

Do yourself a favor - don't EVER be lonely again! Love rules the World!

Pick your spell or pick several spells from my PlutoCraft Shop right now and make your Valentine's Day a blast!

Make yourself a super gift on Valentine's Day!

Get magic!


33 Secret Affirmations To Get Ex Back


33 Secret Affirmations To Get Ex Back - FAST!

So, you want working affirmations to get ex back. Be it your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, these affirmations were tested and they work! Know that for sure and soon - you'll be together again!

These affirmations to get ex back are the ones used for MAXIMUM SPEED! So, if you need your ex back fast, this is exactly what you need!

Quick Tip: Start with one affirmation until you feel you got it and you feel the truth of it!!!

And at the end, I will tell you three major secrets that will magically increase the speed of getting your ex back! Those secrets work like crazy, make people attracted to you and make your ex fall back in love with you very quickly.

So, read on!

33 Secrets To Get Ex Back Fast
Enjoy the beauty of affirmations to get ex back fast!

For sake of examples, I use name Kayla as an ex with whom someone is reconciling. Just switch name Kayla whenever you see it with your ex’s name… Unless, obviously, your ex’s name is also Kayla...

1.I am confident that I will get Kayla back

2.I am a creator of my own destiny

3.I get what I want, how I want it and whom I want

4.I am lovable and I love myself, in fact, I am walking, breathing love

5.I radiate love everywhere

6.People are magnetically attracted to me

7.I am a creator of best and perfect environment for myself and my loved ones

8.I am 100% perfect in all ways and I truly believe it

9.Past has no effect on me, I can always restart fresh and I do it right now. I create a perfect moment of now which brings me perfect future.

10.Right this second, I feel love. And this very same second, I feel love. And this second, I feel love. This second, I feel love. And this second. I feel love this very same second. I just proved that I feel love. This positive feeling stays with me forever. It can get only better and better.

11.It is not about Kayla. It is all about me. Because I have a perfect relationship with myself, and because I love and respect myself, it will automatically reflect in others, including Kayla.

12.Sure, I may feel resistance here and there. I may even feel doubts. But no negativity of any kind has absolutely no affect on me whatsoever. Only positive feelings affect me the best way ever!

13.I am 100% self-sufficient in all ways possible. Always was and always will be, including right now.

14.I am 100% independent from Kayla. She has no control over me of any kind. She cannot make me angry or sad. Only I can allow negative feelings to come through when it comes to Kayla. Therefore, I command and summon only positive feelings to be present when it comes to Kayla.

15.Whenever I think of Kayla, I feel 100% relaxed.

16.If I ever think that Kayla may be with someone else, all I feel is true happiness. Jealousy does not longer affect me. Now, I understand that jealousy is a negative energy. I radiate only positive energies and the strongest of them is love. (Note: if you really master this affirmation and truly feel happy that your ex may be with someone else, you are opening up an uncontrollable attraction portent of magnetism towards yourself as you no longer feel jealous. It does NOT mean that you do not love the person if you feel happy for them to be with someone else. In fact, opposite is true).

17.I perfectly realize that I changed in a very positive way. I am not the same person as I used to be just a minute ago, as I change in a better way second by second. Nothing is constant except change itself.

18.I am fully patient. I understand that impatience is a lack of trust, a desire to see results as soon as possible due to lack of trust. Therefore, I fully trust myself and the process, and that’s why I am 100% patient.

19.I perfectly and consciously understand that obsession for Kayla IS an interfering force that slows down the process of me and Kayla being together. That’s why I willingly and purposely release the entire obsession right now, once and forever. I replace it with a playful imagination of how fun it would be to play with Kayla. As I imagine it, all I see is laughter, innocence, playfulness and happiness. Our smiles ignite the World! THIS feels good! This is good!

20.All the damage from the break up is now healed and vanished. All the feelings of damage are now replaced with feelings of contempt. As the past goes in the past, so all the damage goes there. Only happiness is left right now.

21.I am the source of healing, power, confidence is protection. I am the source of love. No negativity can survive in my domain.

22.Because I am and only I am the creator of my own life, I create a bright future with Kayla and I do it right now. Sure, she may not be physically next to me at this moment, but I perfectly know that she will be when the time is right. Since I am a creator of my life, I create the right time right now.

23.I am capable of hearing, seeing and imagining only the good news. Anything that I hear, see or imagine that does not satisfy me in regards to Kayla loses my reaction. I am fully neutral because I understand that it is simply a part of the process.

24.Any negativity I feel in regards to Kayla is nothing more than a memory. That’s why I automatically erase all memories, good and bad. I create a space for the best inspiration which is always better than any memories.

25.Questions like “how” and “when” we will be together are gone from my head because those are the mind tricks. All they do is trick me back into impatience and doubt. Because I choose to create my own future and I do it by inspiration, I truly and sincerely leave the entire “how’s” and “when’s” to the Universe.

26.In the past, I thought that getting back with Kayla would be hard. Now, I realize it is easy and it is taken care for me. My Higher Intelligence does all the work for me. My job is to feel truly blessed and truly patient. I allow as much time for my Higher Intelligence as needed and I truly mean it.

27.I no longer try to trick myself and others, including Kayla. I understand that tricks and deceit, either toward others or myself only overcomplicate and delay the process. I agree that when I truly trust, I have no questions, no doubts, no negativity, no rush, no impatience and therefore, I do not need to trick myself.

28.Overthinking and overanalyzing is a mind hell. I willingly and consciously choose to stop it.

29.Whenever I say “I can’t”, I doubt. Whenever I say “I can”, I know. I always choose to know that I can.

30.I choose to feel only good because feeling good attracts more things to feel good about, while feeling bad attracts only more things to feel bad about. My choice is always with good and only good.

31.I understand that the most important relationship that I have in life is a relationship with myself. How I view myself right now is how people view me. Whenever I want to change how people view me, I must first change how I view myself.

32.I perfectly take 100% responsibility for everything, including a break up. Because I choose to take 100% responsibility, it means that I am in control. Not Kayla. Therefore, I control our destiny.

33.I fully trust, believe and accept God!

Secret # 1: How To Use Affirmations To Get Ex Back With A Mirror

This secret is called “mirror technique”. You probably heard that some NLP teachers tell you to write notes and post them on the mirror.

But I will tell you much more powerful and much faster way to use affirmations to get ex back using your regular mirror.

Here is how it works: instead of posting notes, when you read the affirmation, look yourself deep in the eyes. See your pupils and look yourself in the pupils when you read the affirmation.

This creates a direct link to your conscious and subconscious minds and balances them to achieve a desired request.

It’s like a creating a direct link into the 4-th dimension where magic and miracles form.

Do it daily, 3 times a day: 1 time in the morning, 1 time in the afternoon and 1 time before you go to bed.

That’s it!

Secret # 2: How To Use Affirmations To Get Ex Back With A Dismissing Signs

People love signs. For example, if you read an affirmation to get your ex back, you want some sort of a sign.

Something like a phone call from your ex or some good news that they miss you… But the bottom line is that you are looking for signs.

However, true metaphysics know that signs are just test of the Universe and they do not look for them.

In fact, they dismiss all the bad signs too! So, if your ex started dating someone else, you may treat it as the “bad sign”. This is a mistake. Persistence is what’s right!

Want some proof? What if your ex started to date someone else to realize how wrong that person is and will begin ti miss you much more, realizing that it is a mistake that you are not together?

If you seek signs and pay attention to bad signs, you violate your very own affirmations that you read, like affirmation about trust and loving yourself.

Bottom line: dismiss looking for signs and do not react to any “bad signs”, which can turn out to be very good signs in the end!

Secret # 3: How To Use Affirmations To Get Ex Back With A Super Boost!

Ok, maybe you are a type of person who doesn’t want to read affirmations. Or maybe you want to read just some.

Maybe you still feel that extra help would be very beneficial to get your ex back faster!

What do you do in this case?

You use super booster - The Magick!

Magick in itself reshapes reality without you needing to do any work or read affirmations. The only thing is that if you want a professional Magician to do it, it won’t be free.

But on the positive note, it is often better to pay for something that makes you happy.

You do shopping anyways, right?

But now you may ask: “What would be the best spells to get my ex back?”

Here are the answers with explanations:

  • If you just broke up and need a "quick fix" in a relationship, Venus Candle is what you need!
  • If you really need some boost and need to make sure your ex does what you want, then you need Secret Desires Wishing Magick Spell!
  • BUT... If you really think that it is impossible to get back with your ex, let me prove you wrong with my time-tested, perfected and personal invention - INEVITABLE CHANGE EVER-WORKING PLUTO LOVE SPELL! Since it is INEVITABLE CHANGE SPELL, which means it causes changes that are not avoided, I do not openly sell this spell in my Magick Store. You just need to contact me for it directly and I can cast it for you. But remember - if I do that, your will not be able to avoid your ex coming back to you!

As always, wishing you the best!

Master PlutoCraft!

A Candle That Regains Your Love!

A candle that regaims lost love

A candle that regains your love...

Master PlutoCraft answers the question on how to return a lost lover using a very simple method that worked for Mary and works for many others!

A letter from a troubled person who needs a candle that regains your love - and does it fast:

Andrew and I have been together for a few years. He constantly stood for the
night and sometimes spent a few days at my place. But that was enough for me...

Yet, later I started to think about family, about kids. I wanted to transform our
relations into a new status. And before putting the question on edge I went to the
fortune teller to check if Andrew is my real fate.

The furtune teller  told me that he was not my destiny, and I had to break off the relations to give the green light to my true fiancée.

I broke up with him even though it was so painful for me. One year later the
new destiny didn’t show up but I still missed Andrew.

What a stupid I was!

What a mistake I had done to believe that doubtful diviner. People told me that he was still alone. And I tried to regain his love. I phoned him but he was cold with me.

But what did you expect? I started to look for rituals that could help me. Knowing
people hinted me about 2 strong ceremonies which could help to restore relations.

You have to print off the mutual photo with your lover. Going to bed put the
photo by your side on another pillow. And tell to the sky and moon:

“The moon will not swim through the sky, the river never flows backwards, but the
Child of God (say the same of the one you love) comes back to me! Into the soft pillows, into my hugs and lips. He’ll give me the whole world – that is my word!"

Put the photo after that under your pillow. You should make the ceremony at all
days of the growing (Waning) moon.

And also you need to do the following: Get together all his gifts, all his things
which he forgot to take with him. Put on the white table cloth, lit the candle (preferably pink color) and say:

“Everything that Child of God (say the name of the one you love) gifted to me, and everything he forgot, keeps his love and brings it back to my life. Slave of God (say the name of the one you love) is flying to me. He knows his way, for you I pray!”

And then wrap together with extinguished candle into table cloth and leave it there for 7cdays.

After one week he came back, we have a beautiful daughter now.


Note from Master PlutoCraft: I know these types of enchantments and this type of Magick. It looks very simple and innocnet. But don't be fooled by it's simplicity!

It is an extremely powerful formula to return a lost love. There is a candle that regains your love. I use very similar formulas all the time when I help people. Sure, I go little bit more complex and advanced but only if it is necessary.

There is no need to go more complex. Usually, this is enough!

Just remember one thing that I keep telling over and over throughout my website and my teachings: the major thing that makes your spells fail or delays the result is your obsession to get the result (your ex lover).

And what is the root of obsession? Basically, it is a doubt, a disbelief that you will get results. It is like saying "I want to see results now because if I see them now, I know it is working".

Yet, Magick is subjective. With Magick, you should not look for signs. What you need is a strong faith - and with it, all miracles are yours!

And remember to do a candle that regains your love!

Wishing you all the best,

Master PlutoCraft.

Finding Your Soulmate Made Easy! With Master PlutoCraft!

How To Attract A Soulmate

You've been wondering if finding your soulmate is possible?

What if there is a way to attract a soulmate in just few weeks?

What if finding your soulmate is now done?

What if I can take you on a hypnotic journey where you'll meet your soulmate before you even attract it?

And what if...

What if I'll tell you that I created the most powerful information product on soulmate attraction that I've personally ever seen?

How come, you may ask?

Well, besides taking you on a very powerful hypnotic journey and using a time tested, proven, soulmate attraction system I've ever seen, I will tell you a little secret as well...

See, when it comes to attraction, one of the best times to attract is on the Full Moon...

Especially when it comes to Love Magick and soulmate attraction...

But what if...

What if I can tell you that Full Moon gives you much greater power....

And what if I can tell you that Blue Full Super Moon will give you at least double power...


And what if I can tell you that I released this special report on how to attract a soulmate ON the Blue Full Super Moon, on January 31, 2018 AND changed it with Blue Full Super Moon energies as well???

How do you feel now?

Do you even realize the power?

Do you want to take a closer look at "How To Attract A Soulmate" Special Report?

I think you should...

Because even if you've been lonely all your life, even if you are mega depressed and think you'll never meet your true soulmate - I have good news for you!

This is such a powerful system that I've seen it work in one of the most "impossible" circumstances!

And best of all, it doesn't matter where you and your soulmate lives!

Attraction will be set to happen!

It is real!

It is serious!

It is soul wrenching!

Click here to check it out!

Blue Moon (Super + Full) On January 31-st, 2018

Blue Moon

ATTENTION – Blue Moon, Full Moon, Super Moon Is Coming Soon!!!
Therefore, A Super Power Vortex Will Open On January 31-st!!!

What Does This Mean For YOU?

Well, when a Blue Moon, Full Moon becomes a Super Moon - it means EVERYTHING for you!

Are you ready to find out what can happen to you?

Are you ready to discover what you can do?

Are you ready to completely change your destiny if you want to?

What you will discover below is:

  • Very important information on Blue Super Moon
  • 7 Spells that I consider you absolutely must do (pick one or more) - one if Remote Influencing
  • 4 psychic divination services
  • How to completely change your destiny (or part of it) if you don't like your life!
  • Inspiration... I will inspire you to take action!


And... The Blue Moon Super Vortex Will Remain Open For Just Hours!

Make sure you rush in to take the advantage of once-in150-years-chance.

They say "It it happens, it happens once in a Blue Moon"...

What does this mean for you?

What can you do on the Blue Moon?

What can you create or attract using the power of Super Moon?

Basically, it is a time to do the hardest, most challenging spells and it is a time to do spells for ANY hardest and most challenging problems you may ever face! That's because Magick is greatly ruled by Moon and on Jan. 31-st, Blue Super Moon will give us SUPER POWERS!


So, An Immensely Powerful Lunar Vortex Will Open on January 31, 2018!

Not Only this is a Super Moon, which means that the Moon affects Earth more. This is an EXTREMELY rare event which occurs on a VERY special day. There will be a total lunar eclipse on the night of the Full Blue Moon as well as it being a Super Blood Moon!

Is that not incredible? This is an EXTREMELY rare event which occurs on a VERY special day. The last time all three events lined up this perfectly was more than 150 years ago.

The last time humans saw a total eclipse of a blue moon was 31 March 1866. We began the New Year with a Full Moon and we are going to end it on the 31st with a Full Moon.

Great fortune is going to be abundant during this special full Moon and the lunar eclipse.  The energy that has been pouring out this month has been incredibly strong and this Full Moon will be so important for you and what's going on in 2018.

The Blue Moon is shrouded in mystery, magic and folklore, perhaps because it only appears once every 2.7 years. The very term “blue moon” is over 400 years old when Shakespeare first wrote the words “blue moon” to mean rare or absurd.

The rarity of a full moon appearing twice in one month, or a third full moon appearing in an astronomical season with four full moons versus the normal three, must have inspired the great playwright to coin the term.

The term "once in a blue Moon" means that that something is very rare. But just how rare, depends on your definition.

The Blue Moon has been considered fortunate, something to celebrate, and a perfect time to start a long-term goal or make plans for the future.  This Blue Moon occurring at the beginning of the year marks a year of tremendous positive growth in your personal life.

The Blue Moon is usually prime time for rituals, ceremonies, and protection. It’s also a good time to perform ceremonies to attract a new job, healing, love, legal undertakings, money and dreams.

Whether you can see the Full Blue Moon or not remember the gentle power of the Moon is still penetrating our Spirits.  So do whatever you feel is sacred to you on this special night.  Feel free to howl at the Blue Moon inside your home.


Right now the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth all Month. Can you feel it? Have you noticed you are picking on little things for no good reason, having very random thoughts or other people seem to be having a go at you?

Be aware that we are being influenced by the cosmic weather.

So if you are a little agitated right now, let it pass without lashing out at someone or something you will later feel sadness over. Stay in your own space over the next 24 hours of the Blue Moon and contemplate the bigger picture of your life.

So if you are looking to improve your luck or to finish a long-term goal, this is the time to get things done!  This full moon is a lucky one and the beginning of a great new journey for yourself.

With a total lunar eclipse in particular, the blotting out of the Moon represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months. Like a regular full moon only stronger, a lunar eclipse focuses your attention on intimate relationships, your home and your family.

A total lunar eclipse has an even strong influence on your private life. Sun opposite Moon qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. This lets you take an objective and balanced look at your close relationships. Because you will be in touch with your own needs and intentions, you will clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

Virgo and Libra will be the luckiest zodiacs of the Eclipse, as they won’t receive as much stress as the others. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Cancer will probably be the ones facing the most stress

Financials will be affected by this Lunar Eclipse, one way or another. Corrections in your financial management may become important. In some cases, the fear of a “coming” financial disaster can stress you, but the disaster itself may never actually take place.

Try to stay calm and do not act hastily. In fact, no matter the stress and how realistic the danger seems, this Eclipse won’t cause you serious problems in your financials. On the contrary, if you remain calm your decisions will be right, and will eventually help your financial growth.

Love life is also affected by the Eclipse. Problematic relationships can come near their ending. Depending on your individual situation, they can actually end. If the relationship is not that problematic, then the revelation of the problems can help you release them and then face and heal them.

This, too, needs a calm and clear mind, and this can become a challenge on its own. Significant changes can happen in your love life, but they will be for the better.

Family can be affected by the Lunar Eclipse as well.

A Full Moon always has great magical potential, a Blue Moon even more, an Eclipse even more. So, you can understand that not only this Full Moon, but also the whole waning period will have a huge magical potential.

The problem is that the energies of an Eclipse are so strong that you should know what you are doing. Therefore, healing, beautification, love and whatever magic has to do with the arts will be very strong during this waning Moon.

A Blue Moon is rare and if you are finding yourself at a crossroads in life, now would be the perfect time to get spiritual advice to help you on your path.

The energies that are lining up for this rare Blue Moon, Eclipse and Super Moon are going to be astounding so take advantage and change your life for the better!!!

"Ok, so, what type of Magick should we do on this type of a Blue Moon?"

Here is my advice on 7 types of spells that I strongly recommend you seriously evaluate to do - because all Magick will be kicking with the double power, at the very least.

And as I said earlier, if it is something that you think that's impossible to manifest, it may happen once in a Blue Moon!

Don't miss your chance! Remember to take advantage and take it as soon as possible!

Here come my top 7 picks for this Blue Super Moon when it comes to Magick, spells and divination:

  1. Moon Spell - Unlock Your Personal Mysteries You Never Knew About + Secret Creativity
  2. Money Drawing Spell
  3. Remote Influencing (will be VERY powerful!!!). Oh, God, this will be so very powerful on the Blue Super Moon! I will be Remote Influencing all day and night long!
  4. Protection Spell With Archangel St. Michael - this one will fight the toughest demons!
  5. Uncrossing Spell - get rid of the toughest blocks and most annoying conditions!
  6. LOVE MAGICK of any kind! New love or ex back - it all kicks with DOUBLE POWER!!! You can take a look at all my love spells here, I have a very wide range for you! If you are considering to reunite with your ex lover, make sure you read this information first! I have a free educational PDF for you!
  7. Can I make you psychic? Get one of my Best Sellers -  Psychic Attunement Spell! This is one of the most demanded candle spell along with Secret Desires - Wishing Candle Spell! Becoming a psychic is one of the wisest, emotionally blissful and Spiritually loving choices you can ever make! The World is yours when you are a psychic! Become psychic and you are golden!

And let's not forget that Moon rules the divination. Here are 4 ways you get uncover locked secrets about your destiny or solve the problems with my very powerful psychic services:

  1. Get a Case Diagnostic if you are facing extremely challenging situation and think of using Magick to resolve it.
  2. If you have a simple question, use my quick answer Tarot reading.
  3. Or get a more comprehensive Tarot reading if you have more questions.
  4. Also, if you want to check what energies surround you and get a powerful advice on what you should do, get Law of Attraction Tarot Reading that unlocks hidden secrets you are not able to see, yet you may have mixed feelings (or signals).

Ok, the Blue Moon will happen on January 31, 2018... But it's energies will last for about 72 hours. This means that it's vortex will remain open for just... hours... 72 hours...

That's your window of opportunity which happens once in about 150 years...

This means it is time to ACT!

This means it is time to act NOW!

This means that now, the person who acts is YOU!

Don't delay. Don't second-guess. Don't doubt.


And you will reap the massive rewards!

I think it.

I feel it.

Therefore, I act too!

Join me in this powerful time and let's get your issues SOLVED!

And if you have any questions, you can always write to me right now! And if you want to completely change your life, or part of it - then write me! See, this time vortex will be so powerful that it will allow you to work on Karma and destiny! As I am working on some powerful products on Karma work, I can guide you with the solid action plan on how we can change your destiny - even if you completely hate your life and think there is nothing can be done!

Guess what?

I have a solution. Quick. Powerful. Precise solution.

No matter what kind of help you need, from a simple Tarot reading to a complete positive destiny turnaround - always remember to contact me for help! Don't wait! Just do it and do it quick! Do it NOW!


Just do it and please do it quick because time is coming!


Love Magick: Three Major Secrets To Getting Your Lover Back!

Love Magick

Love Magick: Three Major Secrets To Getting Your Lover Back

New interview with clients and Master PlutoCraft on subject of Love Magick to easily get your lover back!!!

These ARE the must-known three secrets of Love Magick for getting your lover back!

Yes, actually,they are the very same secrets that, when you apply them, create magic and miracles of reuniting you fast!

Dear Friend - Love Magick is not a toy! Either you are an experienced Magician or a complete newbie to Love Magick, there is something for everyone in here. Know these secrets revealed from Master PlutoCraft interview  from the start - and you are golden!


Clients writes: “...she is always on my mind...”

Master PlutoCraft answers: “One of the major secrets to attracting your girlfriend back, especially when using Magick is detachment. As weird as it sounds, detachment is a secret because it is one of the major powers of the Conscious Mind.

Let me prove it to you.

First of all, the detachment I am talking about is a detachment when you truly have no worries, no fears, no resentments, no need and your mind is occupied with happiness.

You do not put your happiness and love in her. You generate it within.

You know that everything will be great!

Love Magick is a very serious thing. It is not a toy to play with. When Love Magick is done, it intensifies psychic links between you and your desired lover.

Such is a nature of Love Magick. Some Magicians know how to overcome the negativity if it becomes a consistent problem, some don't. We will touch in this very important subject later.

But you, as a customer, hold a responsibility to work on yourself. You, as a customer, under no circumstances should allow feelings like depression, anxiety, worry and other negativity to fuel you because they also fuel your relationship with her and delay the very same results you want to get.

I clearly explain this subject and so much more in two of my free e-books “Before Reuniting With Ex Lover” and “After Ordering Magick”.

Therefore, you must know this information and treat it as sacred information! Otherwise, you will simply delay the very results you want to attract!

Remember: by Law of Attraction, which works every single milli-second, you always attract something. What are you attracting? Think what you think about...

Need attracts more need. Feeling of satisfaction attracts more satisfaction. Depression attract more life events to be depressed about. Happiness attracts more happiness and miracles. Worry attracts worry. Joy attracts joy!

If you can spot another bog secret here, then I congratulate you! Here it comes: if, by Law of Attraction, you always attract something, and your feelings are more powerful than your thoughts...

And if you want to attract her back...

Then... What kind of feelings should you consistently feel?

Answer this question right and not only you will miraculously speed up the Magick, but you will always be able to keep her and always have a complete control over your relationship!”


Clients writes: “No matter what I try, I just feel negative! I don't know what to do! Please help!!!”

Master PlutoCraft answers: “Sometimes, especially during a crisis, feelings are hard to control. Feelings are very dynamic. And I will be very upfront with you – Love Magick can intensify all sorts of feeling. Actually, any form of Magick can!

As I wrote above, we will get back to the subject of a Magician being able to dissolve the negativity. Some Magicians can, some can't. Some Magicians are masters at removing negative energies!

One of the secrets of getting your love back is being able to safely feel deep.

See, here is the trick. Above, we talked about how you always attract something...

Have you ever hear the phrase: “You cannot serve two masters at once?”

Do you know what it means?

It means that you need to choose which way will you feel. If you choose to feel negative at all times and not do anything about it, then I would suggest to forget about getting your lover back. Just choose to feel negative, overcome this feeling and move on.

But if you want to get your lover back especially with Love Magick, then you need to serve this one master: feel great and positive at most of the times. The faster you want your lover back, the more and intense you should feel happy. You must feel it deep!

And you must feel safely! It means that, when you are woken up in the middle of the night, you must be able to feel and say: “I know that everything will be great between me and my loved one!!!”

See, when you are truly able to feel and say it, not only you automatically feel deep, but you also automatically feel safe. And it is just a matter of time when such result, powered by Love Magick, will manifest into a reality, most likely, when you least expect it!

As soon as you start waiting for manifestation of result, you send a negative energy. Desire to see the result manifests energy of mistrust. You are deeply saying: “I want to see my results now because I want to know I will have them”.

But Magick cares less about how you want your results. Magick, in brief, if your intent, super-charged with secret formula for manifestation for a certain outcome.

How and when it happens – sorry to say it, but Magick says it is not your business. It is a business of the Universe. Magician whom you hire is your representative in the front of the Universe.

Hire the right Magician and not only you will get your results faster, but you will also save a lot of money and nerves. Trust me on that one. Do you know how many people write to me, then go somewhere else and still come back to me because they had not gotten their results while some things got worse?

But one of the greatest powers of a Magician is to be able to help you to safely feel deep.

If you try to change your thoughts and feelings, and you still feel down – it can be due to many reasons.

Skilled Magician should be able to identify these reasons and see if Magick is an appropriate tool to remove them. If Magick is not an appropriate tool, then what is the next metaphysical (or other) appropriate tool/action to remove it?

I have several protocols that I use to successfully remove negativity quickly from the customers who cannot do it themselves. This is done to quickly open up channels for Love Magick between you and your lover to take form and manifest your results.

One of my protocols involves positivity vortexing and one involves negativity blocking strictly for Love Magick to take place.

Negativity blocking protocol includes that:

a) client's negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

b) target's negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

c) environmental negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

d) psychic negativity has absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

e) other forms of negativity, if any, have absolutely any influence on Love Magick manifestation

This form of Magick is what I call Self-Empowerment and Self-Improvement form of Magick.

It is done mainly on you, barely touching your lover (the target in this case).

It immediately blocks all forms of negativity from touching the manifestation of your results from Love Magick, even IF you feel negative all the time.

But I truly try my best to help people feel happy and positive when they order Magick from me. It all depends on each case and is very individual.

When you safely feel deep, anything becomes possible to you! Return of your lover is just a matter of time and you better be ready for it – because it can happen anytime!”


Clients writes: “What is the best love spell you can cast to get my ex back?”

Master PlutoCraft answers: “This is a great question that comes with a great answer! And as you continue reading on, the answer may surprise you. It is something that 99.99% of people who want to do Love Magick do not know.

The best Love Magick spell I have is my personal invention called “Supreme Pluto Love Super-Spell”

I cast it rarely. This spell is something that requires a great preparation, requires going to a special place, requires using a vortex instead of opening up a portal and requires a lot of work after.

It also requires super premium supplies. It requires very accurate timing. And it requires great deal of energy.

Obviously, it requires a lot of time as well.

It is a very expensive spell that I do only for certain clients. And while it is designed to bring absolutely positive results in regards to getting your lover back, even under the harshest circumstances when you exhausted all options and everything seems impossible, it is usually an overkill as well.

That's because I have other, less intense spells and forms of Love Magick to help you get your lover back.

For example, I have a medium-grade spell, a reinvention of mine, that's called “Extreme Venus Love Spell”

This spell is the most common spell that I use.

It still comes with use of premium supplies and ingredients, very careful preparation, very intense spell casting and it brings you the magic of getting your lover back very fast, assuming “all roads are clear”.

If there are any blockages, this spell has a built-in psychic intelligence mechanism to report to me and it will be my decision what to do with the blockage. I usually just order the Spirit to knock it down. If blockage has it's own intelligence which comes back to me, I let the customer know so we can make the best decision together. Of course, I help with that by advising on options.

Then, I have a milder form of Love Magick called “Return To Me” Love Candle Spell.

Do not underestimate the power of this spell. While it may work slower, it is a common love spell that is used in Hoodoo Magick and other Magick traditions to do one thing only: return your lover to you!

And let's talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of Love Magick, so you are better equipped with accurate knowledge before getting the best love spell.

The most powerful and intense Love Magick requires expenses and cost time of a Magician. The disadvantage is that it is expensive. But at the same time, this expense can be clearly seen as investment for most people, because what would you do without someone you love? Then, who knows how many spells will you need total (love and non-love category)? And finally, some just want to pay and get done with it!

The main advantage of most powerful and intense Love Magick is that it is neatly guaranteed formula to work under any circumstances.

For example, while most casters will tell you that they get 99.9% of results, I will tell you that it is complete non-sense and simply an advertising trick to make you pay them money.

* Please note that under no circumstances I am bashing true spell casters and other true Magicians. I have high respect for these people. It's just there are so many charlatans out there who think they can do Magick at 99.99% success rate, or those that simply take your money and do nothing at all.

Do you know what is the true percentage of success rate of these so called casters?

It is almost at zero. Yes, that's right – zero. Even if they “get” results once in a while, it is almost always a simple coincidence because some lovers do actually come back to each other again.

I have casters order Love Magick from me all the time. Yes, the same ones that advertise 99.9% success rate to you.


Because results-oriented Love Magick ALWAYS requires an accurate and precise psychic Case Diagnostic! It is also known as Psychic Intelligence Discovery Service about your case. And that is the third major SECRET to your successful Love Magick.

You cannot just cast spells and hope they will work.

In that case, you do not need a spell at all. Not only it can cause damage, but it can cause a permanent break up that will be nearly impossible to fix. Then, I would have to work your case really hard if it happens and you may feel anxious because Pluto and Saturn planetary energies will be hitting your Karma.

And while I would be able to block the negativity from interfering with my Love Magick, I highly doubt I will be able to make you feel good in the process.

It is better not to do a spell at all.

No diagnostic? No love spell!

It is a right philosophy of results-oriented Love Magick!

Please pay close attention to the words “results-oriented”... It is the form of Love Magick that I want to do for you. I do not want to just case spells. I want to get you results as well! The ones you deeply desire!

I started to openly service public in January of 2010. That's when PlutoCraft website came out. As I am writing this, it is March 21, 11:56 PM in Midwest of USA.

Do you have any idea of how many Love Magick clients I served? A LOT!

Do you have any idea of what complication love cases I often solve? They call them “impossible to solve”. I was told that some say this: “It will be impossible to solve, refer him/her to PlutoCraft”

And finally, do you have any idea of how much I know about metaphysics in general? Probably, too much even for me... There are some things I do not want to know...

If you are able to cast “Supreme Pluto Love Super-Spell” which is designed to work under any conditions to get your lover back WITHOUT suppressing their free will and all safely – then that's what I personally call a True God-Gift!

Right now, I am organizing some of my knowledge into a major Magick course that I'm writing, while sharing my inspiration with a friend and hypnotherapist from North Dakota.

Why am I telling you all of this right now?

Because I want you to know... To know that Love Magick is not a toy. It always requires a precise Case Diagnostic. A Magician should know how to effectively block negativity of any sort in an emergency situation you may experience. To know that you feeling is the secret to effectiveness with speed. And to know so much more than that.

Let's get back to our discussion about advantages and disadvantages of different forms of Love Magick again.

Medium-grade Love Magick spells have one little disadvantage: in very rare circumstances, they do not have enough power to overcome the obstacles of getting your lover back. But it happens rarely.

For example, my “Extreme Venus Love Spell” has nearly all the built-in mechanisms for pretty much any obstacle overcoming.

And the main advantage is that it is very affordable! It is a an excellent choice of a Love Spell! How I say it “There is little of of everything for everyone in here... Get it – and you are golden!”

It also has a surprise mechanism to get you extra money because Venus attracts money 🙂

Finally, lower strength Love Magick, such as Return To Me Candle Love Spell has an obvious disadvantage: it may not be sufficient enough or it may require extra spells to get you results that you want.

For example, it may require an additional Break Up candle spell if your lover is with someone else...

It may require Pluto Planetary Candle Spell if your lover is obsessed with that someone else...

And so on...

But! Very often, it is a good choice for anyone who is on a budget.

So, what is the best love spell I can cast to get your lover back?

If you carefully read this article and understood it, then you can proudly answer:

Case Diagnostic Will Tell!

That's right! Every case is individual. Every case has it's own complexity. Every case has it's own dynamics. And the list goes on and on...

With over 110 of successful and time-tested love spells I possess, I am more than sure your situation can be solved quickly and it will be done right from the very first time.

I gave you secrets.

I gave you options.

I gave you inspiration.

Either you finally choose to do my medium-grade Love Magick or my super-intense Love Magick, the choice is yours!”


Master PlutoCraft

Practical Magician & Meta-physician

Venus Retrograde 2017 – Starts March 4, 2017 And Goes To Mid-April

Venus Retrograde 2017

Venus Retrograde 2017 Is On!

How does Venus Retrograde 2017 affects your life? What is the magic formula that I use to fly high while others fall?

And how can you increase your inner values, love, romance, money, luxuries and even have better sex?

Venus Retrograde 2017 - that's what we call it in the World of Magick.

Ok, so!

Venus retrograde is on!!! This is some serious business for you or not?

Do you need to apply my magic formula described below to survive it?

Chances are, you absolutely do! And I don't need to be a psychic to tell you that.

It is logic.

So, let's find out!

Pay very close attention because you may have already felt some issues with relationships, money or your inner conflicts.

See, Venus rules many things in your life.

Love, relationships, money, law, luxuries...

But what you didn't know is that Venus rules your INNER VALUES.

And what you also don't know is that Venus is responsible for Law of Attraction.

You ALWAYS attract something.

The question is - is it good or bad?

The answer is: both.


Because you always attract something and majority of your attraction is based on your inner values. Both, attraction and inner values are ruled by Venus. And Venus went in retrograde mode until April 15-th, 2017.

So, if your inner values which you probably never even looked at deeply, if you are being completely honest with yourself are, let's assume, 24% positive, 23% neutral and 53% negative - then this is what you get!

You get 24% of positivity in a day...

At the same time, you feel bored at 23% and...

You think 53% of negative thoughts, which fuel your negativity attraction even higher.

Now, imagine if you go through some sort of relationship or financial crisis???

Do you now see how Venus Retrograde can really make you feel like hell?

Make you feel unwanted?



So, what do you do to fix all of that quickly?

I have a magic formula that I use:

1. Examine your inner values. Both, conscious and subconscious. That is a major priority right now! If you are having a hard time finding out your "inner magnets", email me for in-depth Case Diagnostic. You can just reply to this email...

2. Based on these values, pay close attention to what you want, what you do not want and very importantly - if there are any cycles that repeat themselves. For example, some people just get in trouble one way or another, because they have "trouble inner magnet:" secretly operating in them.

And no matter what they do, trouble repeats itself, It can be a relationship trouble too that just repeats itself.

3. After you find out what you want, on a separate sheet of paper, rewrite it and fire Astrological Venus Spell on that list!!! If you want to know more about Venus Spell, take a look at my Astrological Spells. In there, I have Venus Spell which is used for Venus Retrograde.

Do it on Friday. And preferably, when the Moon is Waxing or Full.

4. After you find out what you are neutral about, things that do not give you much feelings, on a separate sheet of paper, rewrite them as well. Put Astrological Neptune Spell on them and fire it! Again, take a look at Neptune spell on my website and read about it very carefully, because it is one of the best yet misunderstood spells you can do in your life!!! Neptune energy is VERY HIGH!

Do it anytime in the morning.

5. Now come things that you do not want. Rewrite them on a separate sheet of paper. Put Uncrossing candle on them in conjunction with Mars candle. Fire it!!! And watch how negativity, unpleasant situations, all those things that you do not want - get DESTROYED!!!

So, as the final result, you get: attraction of what you want, becoming more aware of neutral things so you can make better decisions and having your pains taken away from you once and for all - if you do it right!

This is MIRACLES delivered to your door!

This is opening up magic portals of goodness!

This is creation of vortexes that destroy what threatens you and makes your life negative one way or another!

This is Magick!

This is PLUTOCRAFT MAGICK! As always, with best precise strategy, focus and intent!

If you would only know how powerful this formula is! Once you try it, you will always crave to do more!

I promise you that after applying this formula correctly, your life will never be the same!


And, if for some reason, you cannot do it yourself or have difficulties, or questions, ALWAYS email me for support!

I will try to do my best to help you as quickly as I can.

And again, I would love if you visit my PlutoCraft Magick Shop and take a very close look at all the candle Magick spells I have! And take a look at Talismans too because Talismans save lives!

Take a look at my books that I wrote if you like to read sacred stuff.

And most importantly, live a magical life! With PlutoCraft Magick, you can!

Write to me!

With Sincere Best Regards,

Master PlutoCraft

Magick And Logic Myth Exposed


Magick And Logic



I will begin right away and get down to the point about Magick and logic: many Wiccan, Pagan and other communities treat Magick as Spiritual and “Spiritual only”.

That's a huge mistake when it comes to Magick. Take a look yourself why:

Feeling bad? “Of, it’s a curse”.

Lack of money? “You need money ritual”

Ex left? “Put a love spell on her/him”

Like someone but they don’t like you back? “Do Love Magick”

Can’t make a decision? “Do a psychic reading”

Someone called you out? “Put a curse on them”

He/she is more successful? “Jinx them!


And then comes the major complaint: WHY IS IT 99% OF SPELLS DO NOT WORK?



The answer is this: because Magick and Logic work together but they are not used together.

Too many just do not understand it and even deny it.

Let’s do a comparison.

Here is how PlutoCraft works when it comes to Magick:

Feeling bad? “Let’s look at what’s going on. Where is the problem? Have you been to the doctor? No? Why? Because someone said it is a curse? Let’s find out if it is or isn’t”.

Lack of money? “You may need money spell. But money will not fall from the sky. You need a strategy and “money vehicle” to get the money. “Money vehicle” means the SOURCE through which money comes in. It can be a better job, small business, Internet website, flea market sales – whatever that gives you an ability to get money SAFELY!!! Keep this in mind: SAFELY!!! You do NOT want unsafe money.”

Ex left? “No problems! Let’s do a CASE DIAGNOSTIC and find out what’s going on. Then, let’s build a strategy to reconcile you! Be careful with spells – one wrong spell and your ex can hate you forever. Not joke. Guidance will be given. Follow it.”

Like someone but they don’t like you back? “Again. Let’s do CASE DIAGNOSTIC and see what’s going on. Are you incompatible? If yes, which area? Let’s use Astrological Magick to remove incompatibility or maybe just an Uncrossing candle will do it. Guidance will be given. Follow it. ”

Can’t make a decision? “Do a psychic reading. But have precise questions if you want precise answers. Question like “What should I do to have all I want? is NOT a precise question. Question like: “How exactly can I make more money?” is a precise question. Also, during the reading, we pick u a lot of extra information that is RELEVANT to your question (even if it doesn’t seem so) – listen to that information carefully because you are getting FULL PICTURE ANSWER!”

Someone called you out? “DON’T put a curse on them. They called you out? Maybe you DO need to take deep look inside and see if, maybe, they are actually correct? And if so, maybe you can have that “call out” as the best guidance to make a huge improvement??? Why curse a person who is doing you a favor???”

He/she is more successful? “Make friends with them! At least, try! Did you know that statistics say that you are somewhere in the middle of 10 people you socialize with? And if you want to have what they have – let us know!!! We can help and you can have MORE AND MUCH EASIER!!!”

Did you spot a MAJOR difference here

At PlutoCraft, we use LOGIC

And to be more exact, we build a SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY

Again, let’s take money Magick scenario

Which will work better:

  1. A spell cast for Joe who lays on the couch watching TV, not looking for jobs? What does Joe think? That spell will make employers line up in the front of the door, getting on the kneed and begging him to work for them? No. That’s not going to happen unless Joe is super-demanded worker who does not even need a spell. Or…
  2. A Crown of Success spell cast for Amy who just graduated and looking for a job. Crown of Success can easily make Amy pick up the right newspaper with the right ad, feel intuitively which one to call, have the interview and get hired on the spot – and employer will not even know why he hired Amy! She is not the best candidate, did not finish best school, has overload of competition – yet, she “stands out”!

What did Amy do VS Joe when it comes to Magick?

Amy used logic and strategy.

But what else did you notice, if you did when it comes to Amy's Magick?

At least, 90% of the effort was eliminated for Amy.


Because Higher Power did the work FOR her - and guided her immensely! All she had to do is listen to her inner voice and do the typical stuff: calling, applying and showing up for the interview.

Now think about something:


Knowing that:

  • About 90% of your efforts are eliminated and Higher Power is behind your back!
  • You are working with recognized, World-Class Magick Specialists
  • You are being guided
  • You get RIGHT spells done that help you, instead of wrong spells that dig your hole even deeper (and very fast!!!)
  • That we can always try to speed things up with our SPEED MAGICK, using Mercury Candle
  • If you have a big goal, it is within your reach because Magick creates miracles. That’s what it is known for to begin with!
  • That what you call a “problem” now becomes a “temporary challenge”
  • That once you get what you want, you can always have more!
  • And very importantly, that you work with SMART Magicians who use LOGIC AND STRATEGY instead of shooting counter-productive spells.
  • Master Plutocraft worked with Spirits during young age, read cards during early childhood and amazed adults with her accuracy. She is a top of the line Magician and extremely wise person on top of that.
  • Personally, I am a college graduate, attended one of the top Business Schools in America, and lost count of how many certificates and reference letters I have… I am NOT some guy who is “doing craft”, using his clouded judgment and lack of experience.

Oh, and let’s touch on that topic too: LIFE EXPERIENCE?

Who do you think will do a better job for you?

An anti-social “only Spiritual” guy who has a problem getting a date or a guy who has very rich experience in all sorts of areas of life (including sex), who knows how to seduce a woman just logically? I’m not even talking about Magick here… That’s on Love Magick.

A guy who has some GED or someone who finished a Degree and knows business, when it comes to money Magick? A guy who has a proven record of business success, or a guy who just claims he can cast a spell?

What about protection? Would you choose some Wiccan who reads books from bookstores on “how to cast protection spells” or a woman who has no problems going into the Underworld, rewriting contracts with Spirits and able to work with Karma and Past Lives? Most Wiccans are terrified of this idea alone.

Please note I am not bashing anyone, yet facts are the facts. I still would love to meet at least one Wiccan who can do at least 20% of what we can do.

They are actually our customers and we put them on the right path, using logic and strategy. It is a tough process for most because they are very used to “it’s a curse” and “put a spell” approaches.

Do you now see how Magick and Logic are best friends when it comes to getting results?

Why is that?

Let me explain you why.

You have conscious, logical mind. And you have subconscious, “metaphysical” or “Spiritual only” mind, if you will… Even though, subconscious mind has it’s own logic…

So, here is a BIG MAGICK SECRET:

Desired manifestation happens if and only if BOTH minds agree on it.

If you ever had basic Logic 101 class, you know what “if and only if” means.

Basically, there are no “ifs, buts, ands and what’s” there.

It is “if and only if” both minds agree.

Do you now see why if you want to return your ex lover or make more money it may not work?

Your subconscious mind may block your conscious mind’s desire.

And the harder you try, the deeper hole you dig.

The secret is not trying hard.

The secret is to work SMART!

Think of it this way. Let’s assume your car doesn’t start. You take it to a mechanic.

What happens if mechanic replaces a door, car seat and tires?

If will still not start. But you will have to pay for it.

What is mechanic replaces a starter?

It may still not start. And you have to pay for it.

What if mechanic replaces a battery?

It may still not start. And you have to pay for it.

But what if mechanic plugs in his diagnostic tool (just like we do Case Diagnostics) and finds out that your car has ignition module issue – and that $15.00 part needs to be replaced?

He replaces that and the car starts!

That’s a difference between using logic and going “Spiritual only”.

Except, with the car, you lose money and get new parts. But with Magick, counter-productive spells create severe damage.

So, the MYTH of Magick is not logical is a MYTH!


Do you have a goal?

I’m sure you do.

What is it?

Make more money?

Bring your ex lover back?

Make that special someone to fall in love with you?

Protect yourself from all sorts of evil?

Maybe all of that???

CONTACT US NOW and let us know!

Our consultations are FREE and we can build a strategy for you!

Some people ask if there are obligations for our free consultations.

NO! Never!

Our mission is to help you!

And our slogan is, as you know it – “Transforming Dark Energies Into Light”

If you would only know how much easier Magick makes things happen!

Write us a message and we will go from there! With the Magick, logic and strategy!