33 Secret Affirmations To Get Ex Back – FAST!

So, you want working affirmations to get ex back. Be it your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, these affirmations were tested and they work! Know that for sure and soon – you’ll be together again!

These affirmations to get ex back are the ones used for MAXIMUM SPEED! So, if you need your ex back fast, this is exactly what you need!

Quick Tip: Start with one affirmation until you feel you got it and you feel the truth of it!!!

And at the end, I will tell you three major secrets that will magically increase the speed of getting your ex back! Those secrets work like crazy, make people attracted to you and make your ex fall back in love with you very quickly.

So, read on!

33 Secrets To Get Ex Back Fast
Enjoy the beauty of affirmations to get ex back fast!

For sake of examples, I use name Kayla as an ex with whom someone is reconciling. Just switch name Kayla whenever you see it with your ex’s name… Unless, obviously, your ex’s name is also Kayla…

1.I am confident that I will get Kayla back

2.I am a creator of my own destiny

3.I get what I want, how I want it and whom I want

4.I am lovable and I love myself, in fact, I am walking, breathing love

5.I radiate love everywhere

6.People are magnetically attracted to me

7.I am a creator of best and perfect environment for myself and my loved ones

8.I am 100% perfect in all ways and I truly believe it

9.Past has no effect on me, I can always restart fresh and I do it right now. I create a perfect moment of now which brings me perfect future.

10.Right this second, I feel love. And this very same second, I feel love. And this second, I feel love. This second, I feel love. And this second. I feel love this very same second. I just proved that I feel love. This positive feeling stays with me forever. It can get only better and better.

11.It is not about Kayla. It is all about me. Because I have a perfect relationship with myself, and because I love and respect myself, it will automatically reflect in others, including Kayla.

12.Sure, I may feel resistance here and there. I may even feel doubts. But no negativity of any kind has absolutely no affect on me whatsoever. Only positive feelings affect me the best way ever!

13.I am 100% self-sufficient in all ways possible. Always was and always will be, including right now.

14.I am 100% independent from Kayla. She has no control over me of any kind. She cannot make me angry or sad. Only I can allow negative feelings to come through when it comes to Kayla. Therefore, I command and summon only positive feelings to be present when it comes to Kayla.

15.Whenever I think of Kayla, I feel 100% relaxed.

16.If I ever think that Kayla may be with someone else, all I feel is true happiness. Jealousy does not longer affect me. Now, I understand that jealousy is a negative energy. I radiate only positive energies and the strongest of them is love. (Note: if you really master this affirmation and truly feel happy that your ex may be with someone else, you are opening up an uncontrollable attraction portent of magnetism towards yourself as you no longer feel jealous. It does NOT mean that you do not love the person if you feel happy for them to be with someone else. In fact, opposite is true).

17.I perfectly realize that I changed in a very positive way. I am not the same person as I used to be just a minute ago, as I change in a better way second by second. Nothing is constant except change itself.

18.I am fully patient. I understand that impatience is a lack of trust, a desire to see results as soon as possible due to lack of trust. Therefore, I fully trust myself and the process, and that’s why I am 100% patient.

19.I perfectly and consciously understand that obsession for Kayla IS an interfering force that slows down the process of me and Kayla being together. That’s why I willingly and purposely release the entire obsession right now, once and forever. I replace it with a playful imagination of how fun it would be to play with Kayla. As I imagine it, all I see is laughter, innocence, playfulness and happiness. Our smiles ignite the World! THIS feels good! This is good!

20.All the damage from the break up is now healed and vanished. All the feelings of damage are now replaced with feelings of contempt. As the past goes in the past, so all the damage goes there. Only happiness is left right now.

21.I am the source of healing, power, confidence is protection. I am the source of love. No negativity can survive in my domain.

22.Because I am and only I am the creator of my own life, I create a bright future with Kayla and I do it right now. Sure, she may not be physically next to me at this moment, but I perfectly know that she will be when the time is right. Since I am a creator of my life, I create the right time right now.

23.I am capable of hearing, seeing and imagining only the good news. Anything that I hear, see or imagine that does not satisfy me in regards to Kayla loses my reaction. I am fully neutral because I understand that it is simply a part of the process.

24.Any negativity I feel in regards to Kayla is nothing more than a memory. That’s why I automatically erase all memories, good and bad. I create a space for the best inspiration which is always better than any memories.

25.Questions like “how” and “when” we will be together are gone from my head because those are the mind tricks. All they do is trick me back into impatience and doubt. Because I choose to create my own future and I do it by inspiration, I truly and sincerely leave the entire “how’s” and “when’s” to the Universe.

26.In the past, I thought that getting back with Kayla would be hard. Now, I realize it is easy and it is taken care for me. My Higher Intelligence does all the work for me. My job is to feel truly blessed and truly patient. I allow as much time for my Higher Intelligence as needed and I truly mean it.

27.I no longer try to trick myself and others, including Kayla. I understand that tricks and deceit, either toward others or myself only overcomplicate and delay the process. I agree that when I truly trust, I have no questions, no doubts, no negativity, no rush, no impatience and therefore, I do not need to trick myself.

28.Overthinking and overanalyzing is a mind hell. I willingly and consciously choose to stop it.

29.Whenever I say “I can’t”, I doubt. Whenever I say “I can”, I know. I always choose to know that I can.

30.I choose to feel only good because feeling good attracts more things to feel good about, while feeling bad attracts only more things to feel bad about. My choice is always with good and only good.

31.I understand that the most important relationship that I have in life is a relationship with myself. How I view myself right now is how people view me. Whenever I want to change how people view me, I must first change how I view myself.

32.I perfectly take 100% responsibility for everything, including a break up. Because I choose to take 100% responsibility, it means that I am in control. Not Kayla. Therefore, I control our destiny.

33.I fully trust, believe and accept God!

Secret # 1: How To Use Affirmations To Get Ex Back With A Mirror

This secret is called “mirror technique”. You probably heard that some NLP teachers tell you to write notes and post them on the mirror.

But I will tell you much more powerful and much faster way to use affirmations to get ex back using your regular mirror.

Here is how it works: instead of posting notes, when you read the affirmation, look yourself deep in the eyes. See your pupils and look yourself in the pupils when you read the affirmation.

This creates a direct link to your conscious and subconscious minds and balances them to achieve a desired request.

It’s like a creating a direct link into the 4-th dimension where magic and miracles form.

Do it daily, 3 times a day: 1 time in the morning, 1 time in the afternoon and 1 time before you go to bed.

That’s it!

Secret # 2: How To Use Affirmations To Get Ex Back With A Dismissing Signs

People love signs. For example, if you read an affirmation to get your ex back, you want some sort of a sign.

Something like a phone call from your ex or some good news that they miss you… But the bottom line is that you are looking for signs.

However, true metaphysics know that signs are just test of the Universe and they do not look for them.

In fact, they dismiss all the bad signs too! So, if your ex started dating someone else, you may treat it as the “bad sign”. This is a mistake. Persistence is what’s right!

Want some proof? What if your ex started to date someone else to realize how wrong that person is and will begin ti miss you much more, realizing that it is a mistake that you are not together?

If you seek signs and pay attention to bad signs, you violate your very own affirmations that you read, like affirmation about trust and loving yourself.

Bottom line: dismiss looking for signs and do not react to any “bad signs”, which can turn out to be very good signs in the end!

Secret # 3: How To Use Affirmations To Get Ex Back With A Super Boost!

Ok, maybe you are a type of person who doesn’t want to read affirmations. Or maybe you want to read just some.

Maybe you still feel that extra help would be very beneficial to get your ex back faster!

What do you do in this case?

You use super booster – The Magick!

Magick in itself reshapes reality without you needing to do any work or read affirmations. The only thing is that if you want a professional Magician to do it, it won’t be free.

But on the positive note, it is often better to pay for something that makes you happy.

You do shopping anyways, right?

But now you may ask: “What would be the best spells to get my ex back?”

Here are the answers with explanations:

  • If you just broke up and need a “quick fix” in a relationship, Venus Candle is what you need!
  • If you really need some boost and need to make sure your ex does what you want, then you need Secret Desires Wishing Magick Spell!
  • BUT… If you really think that it is impossible to get back with your ex, let me prove you wrong with my time-tested, perfected and personal invention – INEVITABLE CHANGE EVER-WORKING PLUTO LOVE SPELL! Since it is INEVITABLE CHANGE SPELL, which means it causes changes that are not avoided, I do not openly sell this spell in my Magick Store. You just need to contact me for it directly and I can cast it for you. But remember – if I do that, your will not be able to avoid your ex coming back to you!

As always, wishing you the best!

Master PlutoCraft!

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