(On March 1-st & March 31-st)

And I will present a simple 3-step formula on how to get Magick spell done for you with simplicity and ease!

Ok, we have Blue Moon coming again along with some interesting lunar times approaching….

As I am sitting in Europe, somewhere in Northern Poland, less than a mile from a Baltic Sea, I am passing thing information to you with an intend to gain something incredible…

Blue Moon times are interesting. They bring powerful changes. As usually, some will loose and some will gain… And since you are reading this letter, I want you to only gain, and gain as much good as possible! So, focus your attention very well.

Ready? Let’s do it!

There will be a Full Moon on Thursday, March 1-st of 2018 This is the first of two full moons in the month of March.

You can do very beneficial spell work with it, starting right On March 1-st!

The ruling sun sign for this full moon is Pisces, which is a great time for Spiritual work and cleansing. Also, it is a very powerful time to release the old before welcoming something new into your life. As you and I know, winter is almost over and we need to prepare for new adventures of the spring and summer. It’s all energy that we want to welcome and welcome it well.

We often spend extra time indoors during winter and toxic energy is build up. A ritual to cleanse and bless the home with House Blessing Spell must be done, so we can use this full moon to reduce any negative vibrations within ourselves.

You can also do spells to purify the mind, body and soul. The best time to do it is on Full Moon of March 1st. Since nature always fills an empty space, negative energies that will be released must be consciously and unconsciously replaced with positive energies and INTENT FOR HEALING.

What Will You Do On March 31st Full Moon?

The full moon of March 31 is called a BLUE MOON. It will be in the sun sign of Aries. This is a Blue Moon, or the second full moon in March, so there will be additional energy kick for spells and rituals.

It will not be as powerful as Blue Moon on January 31-st, yet, it will still give you a great energy kick for the spell work! Make sure you take advantage of it, especially of you missed Blue Moon on January 31-st.

This full moon is the ideal time for spells that promote friendship and work with others. For example, you can think of Business Prosperity. If you work with the public or want new clients or to get a promotion – the timing is perfect for you!

Or if you had any disagreement with family or friends, the Healing Spell will be very beneficial to do.

You will have a perfect timing to do rituals that increase balance in your life and with people whom you have relationships that are ideal for you.

If you want a spell for relationships and friendship or need more information about the rituals and spells, just contact me for a consultation. Use this month’s moon phase to celebrate your balance, rebirth, and renewal!

Powerful Magic Spells that I can cast for you during events of Full Moon and Blue Moon will always have an intense, natural charge to them!

Actually, you can request anything you desire! You can ask for abundant wealth, vibrant health, true love, success and real happiness. These spells are so special and are nearly limitless in their power and potency.

Twice in a Blue Moon?

The rare phenomenon of two blue moons occurring in the same year happens approximately once every 19 years. During the year of 1999, there was the last time of a blue moon appeared twice, in January and March.

The months of the double blue moons are almost always January and March. That is because the short month that falls in between them, February, is a key ingredient in this once-every-19-year phenomenon.

For January and March to each have two full moons, it’s necessary for February to have none at all.

Since February is usually 28 days long, and the average span between full moons is 29.5 days, if a full moon occurs at the end of January, it’s possible for the next full moon to skip February entirely and fall in the beginning of March.

A blue moon occurs about every two and a half years, making it a perfect time to do special magic.

Full moon magic is something that people have been performing throughout history. Each month’s moon represents different energies, depending on the time of year and what is happening in nature at the time.

A full moon’s energy is very potent. Many people choose to do powerful monthly magic on that evening. However, there is one extra special full moon; a Blue Moon.

Because Blue Moons happen “once in a blue moon”, it’s a good time to take advantage of their valued energy for doing special magic, ceremony and ritual.

The energy of the Blue Moon lends itself nicely for setting goals and intentions. The goals and intentions chosen should be ones that are big, important and lofty – not the average goals.

Deciding how to focus the Blue Moon energy can be made by choosing the life area or areas that seem the most significant, such as love and happiness, physical health, prosperity, protection and healing.

The phenomenon of two blue moons in a calendar year appears only a handful of times a century.

Take advantage because this is the last BLUE MOON of 2018 so its special energies are worth the effort to decide on specific goals…change your life for the better and don’t miss this rare opportunity.

So, what is it exactly you should do now?

Everything is easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Determine who will do your spell work. If you want to do it yourself, then I assume you know what to do. If you want me t cast spells for you, then you can go to steep 2.
  2. Determine what spells you want me to do for you. What life arena bugs you most? Love? Money? Security? What you can do is take a look at ALL spells that I offer and select what you would love to be done! Check out my Magick Spells store! There is something for everyone in here! 
  3. And the final step is to place an order for the spell! Then, I will either go ahead and perform it for you or I may contact you for additional details if needed. But in reality, everything is so simple as you can see it!

What else should I tell you?

Well, not much to be honest… Except this one thing: you are in change of your life. You are your own CEO! Therefore, treat this information and these events seriously! Take responsibility and take charge! Allow miracles to enter your life! Because life is not meant to be dull and boring!!!

Master PlutoCraft