Lotus Oil Have you been feeling frustrated or angry lately? Have your actions and progress in life been delayed time and again? This is the Mars Retrograde at work. Actions and results are slowed down and irritation can be high from March 1st to March 19th.

The good news is that all you need is a bit of patience to find the positive in this astrological period. Allow yourself time to find inner balance and release built up internal pressure.

This is a wonderful opportunity for careful planning in your personal growth, especially on a spiritual and sexual level. I promise things haven’t stopped moving altogether – everything is moving slowly but steadily towards the inevitable. The benefit is that the results will be stronger and more fully formed when they arrive.

Mars will be Direct again from March 20th to July 21st. This will result in an explosion of passionate energy. This energy can be a positive or negative experience depending on what you’ve been struggling with this month. Let it come naturally and allow positive, necessary change to occur as we welcome Spring, the New Moon (March 30th) and new beginnings!

At the same time, we are experiencing a Saturn Retrograde from March 2nd to July 20th. We are learning important lessons and many people are experiencing loss of health, relationships, money and more. As you face these challenges and overcome them, use the wisdom you have gained to rediscover your true self and rebuild your life. Take advantage of that blast of Mars energy to make the changes necessary to your well-being and happiness.

I highly recommend the Meditationand Lotus Oils for encouraging calm, peaceful, and centered energies. Just anoint yourself daily to feel the tranquil effects.
. . . Master Plutocraft is astute in creating oils for various purposes. His latest oil is for meditation which I use every morning. Since using this oil, I have become more aware of my intuitive side and thus am helped with making better decisions throughout my day.

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