Good Fortune Talisman



The Grandmother, Loa Brigitte, is a fierce protective spirit who is happy to uphold justice and reverse harm back to the person who sent it. In Voodoo traditions she is known to guard gravestones and have power over matters of life changes, money, and children. She is the perfect spirit to call on for good fortune in any situation.

Loa Brigitte is a voodoo spirit, but also she was worshiped in Ireland as Brigid, the goddess of poetry, creativity, and inspiration. The Celts named her Saint Bridget, and the Haitians who practiced Vodou called her Madam Brigit.

This Good Fortune Talisman calls on the wisdom and blessings of Loa Brigitte for good luck and general success in any area of your life. She has great influence with the other Loas to keep an eye on you and protect your good fortune.

Your talisman is cleansed and powerfully charged with the energy of Good Fortune for your ultimate success. We link your talisman to you as well, so that it is yours alone. All talismans come with instructions for use and are customized for your exact needs.


Approximate Size: 1¾” x 1⅜”

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