Law of Attraction Tarot Report



Your personalized Law of Attraction Tarot Reading with Plutocraft

Just let Pluto know what you’re seeking, and he will create a straightforward report for you to keep with free intuitive guidance for manifesting your goal.

On top of this, Plutocraft will send out positive energies to help you achieve your goals.

Is Law of Attraction real?

Of course it is real. More real than you may realize. It is a LAW!

But what’s the problem with Law of Attraction?

Why is it that even if someone visualizes that brand new car it never comes into a reality?

The “problem” with Law of Attraction is that you attract on a SUBCONSCIOUS level. That’s the level you can’t see.

In fact, you always attract something. Law of Attraction works 24/7, non stop, even when you sleep. But it’s your subconscious mind that is having fun with it.

While you consciously visualize that brand new car, your subconscious mind can be “laughing” at you because there are energies that want you to have an old car – and only an old car…

Therefore, you will be taking subconscious sabotaging actions not to have that new car.

Sounds somewhat familiar?

And if you still don’t understand it, simply think of the phrase: actions in opposition to knowledge.

This happens when you know what you should do, but somehow, in some way, your actions reflect something totally different.

It’s like that author who can never start writing a book…

Or an entrepreneur who can never start a business…

Or a lonely person who avoids dates at all costs…

What do they all have in common?

They know what to do but never do it… Subconscious rejects these decisions and enslaves the person from achieving the goal.

This is why a tarot reading centered around Law of Attraction energies can help you flip the switch, turn on the light, and find the path you were seeking all along.



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