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love magick spell

Love magick spell helps to regain love!

Love is what makes life worth living and love magick spell is an important tool that brings that sacrifice to the altar of love. The desire to attain what you are looking for in love can be so deep making you not get any rest until you get what you are yearning for. The strong emotions...

Fire Festival of Vulcanalia

Roman Festival of Vulcanalia

Light a candle or a bonfire in honour of Vulcan, god of fire, on August 23. You may call on him for his fiery protection against evil and danger. You may also petition for his defense against your enemies. The simplest way to do this is to write your petition on a piece of paper...


Happy Halloween and Samhain!

The Sabbat is only a week away, and we want to celebrate with you! Here’s a free recipe from Pluto for an all-purpose, high power cleansing spray. You can spray it around your house and even on your skin whenever you need some fast, deep cleansing. Cleansing Spray Recipe: Mix equal parts Rue water, Florida...


Easy Spiritual Cleansing

Every time is good for cleansing. Before you perform magick, after you perform magick – when you wake up, and before you go to sleep. Not all of us have time for deep cleansing on a daily basis, so we’ve put together a little video with tips for simple, fast cleansing of yourself and your...


A Prayer That Always Works

I want to tell you about a method that can be used for any problem, any situation, at any time. It doesn’t require any tools or supplies. You don’t need any special training to use it. Anyone can do it – absolutely anyone. It’s a prayer. And it’s based on an ancient Hawai’ian forgiveness and...


How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself

We pick up a lot of psychic debris in daily life. Whether it’s created by stress, our environment, or other people projecting negative energies, this psychic “dirt” adds up daily and can adversely affect you on many levels. This is why it’s so important to routinely cleanse yourself. Physical and non physical cleansing go hand...