Love is what makes life worth living and love magick spell is an important tool that brings that sacrifice to the altar of love. The desire to attain what you are looking for in love can be so deep making you not get any rest until you get what you are yearning for. The strong emotions and energies produced when falling in love makes love become magic. Most people are drawn to witchcraft by love spells and the common scenarios that leads to this include getting a new lover, ending arguments in a relationship that exists or healing broken hearts.

Love magick spells are known to bring positive action that will yield a positive outcome for love. Most of the people who do try out the love magick spell their major intention is to try and manipulate the will of the desired person and this is a big mistake since at most times it does not yield positive results. Let’s have a look at how love magick spell helps to regain list love.

love magick spell
love magick spell


Love spells that will bring partners together

As compared to the traditional magic methods the love spells that are used in the modern times do also incorporate modern technologies. For instance back then there used to be no photographs but in our current time we do have photographs that are used in love spells. The common magic ritual that involves this is by picking two photos of people who should be together and stick them together with honey. After that the photos are placed under a red candle or a green candle and then visualized strongly.

When visualizing you need should only have positive feelings. Having feelings of worries, doubts or fears makes the spell not to come true. Having personal things of your partner such as what he/she wore before becomes very important during performing this spell. When preparing to perform this love spells preparations are very important. The preparations involves following your inner feelings, using your favorite performs and buying roses or love flowers.

Partner Reunion Love spells.

Partner Reunion love spells results are usually effective when binding common things between the two people together. This includes personal belonging such as cloths, photos or even writing. Strengthening the partner reunion love spells calls you to invite several powers that you feel like so that you can get some attraction to them. This powers includes the god and goddess such as Love God or the Love Goddess. This includes Erzulie, Venus, archangel Uriel or even Maria Magdalena. Preparation for the ritual involves placing offerings in the alter that you have set.

You also have to follow your instinct. The offering that you select to place to the alter must be of a high quality and taste. After you have performed the ritual you will have to bury the offer in the ground. Once you have reunited you must know that your behavior and understanding towards each other matter a lot. Some of the books that we recommend to help you sort this out includes Rituals are not good enough for a happy relationship. Me are from mars, Women are from Venus and If we want to change n our relationship, we have to change something within us.

Love Magic Spell with the use of Fruits.

To increase the power of attraction most of the people do resort to the use of fruits. Fruits such as apples and oranges are the best offerings used for deities and spirits. They are also used as gifts for lovers. When performing a love magick spell with use of fruits then you will have to hold the fruit in both hands and allow yourself to visualize while giving the ritual full attention.

When visualizing you need to only allow thoughts of happiness and harmony to flow between you and the partner that you dream having. The rituals proves positive only if you have a purely strong focus and an intention that is pure. Love fruits such as cherries and strawberries can also be used. You have to ensure that the fruits that you do select are the one that your partner loves, in case he or she does not love any of the fruits then you can use dark chocolate for this spell.

Spell for Calling your true love

If you are single for quite some time it’s now time you go into a relation with your trusted truelove. This is only possible if you can perform a spell to get your true love. The spell is the best for those who have experienced bad relationship during the first time. The spells repels such like relationships and lead you to the love of your life. You will need nice romantic car, a lighter and a green candle.

The preparation for the love magick spell involves writing in the romantic card and describes the type of partner that you do require and the qualities that he/she should have. The ritual is supposed to begin one day after New Moon and the second Friday. During these days you will light your candle and let t shine throughout the day.

With power comes responsibilities so when practicing love magick spell you need to be aware that this is a spell that is very strong and you need to know everything that you are doing. It’s important that you ask yourself the following questions before you dive into love magick spell alter.

  • Why do you want that partner?
  • How deep is my love for that person?
  • Is this real love or just affection for attraction?

For any love magick spell ritual the preparation stages are very important. Preparation involves creating that space and also creating a mood that is required during the rituals. Preparations are very critical to the outcome of the ritual. You should not only rely on spells but also your behaviors in the relationship so as to keep the relationship in a happy mood forever.

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