Today, I want to do a quick post about Astrology. It seems like too many people overestimate it while simultaneously, too many underestimate it.

# 1 question people ask: does Astrology really work?

The answer is: Yes, all the time, 24/7, without any interruptions whatsoever.

The planets move and produce their planetary influences.

This process never stops, so yes, Astrology works all the time.

But I assume that’s not what people really mean when they ask such a question.

I assume people want to know:

  • If Astrology works for them
  • If they can use information on Astrology and how
  • If they should get a predictive Astrology reading

In other words, people would rather know how Astrology could work for them or to be exact – for a particular situation.

From my observation and expertise, I noticed that Astrology makes very powerful influences. But they are not total influences.

It is not like if you have “too much” Neptune in your chart, then you will be an artist addicted to drugs (Neptune rules arts and substance abuse).

What really matters is this one factor: the level of your consciousness. That’s something I learned from my colleague Kevin when I was researching the understanding of Astrology.

What exactly does this mean?

This means that if you have a happy person with a lot of Neptune in their chart, they can be an inspiring psychic in their spare time, having a successful full-time job as a nurse and loving it, happily dancing in the night club on Friday nights and radiating that glamorous smile wherever they go. You’ll see them wearing designer clothes and very often, unusually big sunglasses. When they speak, they speak the truth and act with integrity.

But on the opposite side, if you take a sad person with a lot of Neptune in their chart, they can be an isolated artist, working at some part time job that they hate, drinking and doing drugs, and consistently dream about a better tomorrow which will happen only by some miracle. They will be skilled at telling lies. In fact, so skilled that they believe those lies themselves. They will have no style (which is important for people with Neptune).

Here comes the conclusion: so, is it Neptune that’s at fault?

No, it’s the level of personal happiness.

When you are happy, planets work for you, when you are unhappy, they can work against you.

But how much can you gain from knowing this?


How To Get Ex Back With Relationship Astrology

Let’s just say someone wants to get their ex back. Knowing what influences them can be a Master Key to their heart, mind and body.

In fact, you will probably know them better than they know themselves.

Let’s say some girl you broke up with has some Neptune in her chart in certain positions and you are wondering how to get her back.

You may try to spend all your time using logic and reasoning for her to reconsider a relationship – but that will be pushing her further and further away.

On the other side, give her an erotic romance novel with an artsy cover as a gift – and she will be magnetically pulled to you without even knowing why.

Now the Law of Attraction works in your favor :)

In fact, I offer several Astrological reports that help you to use Astrology in your favor:

Both reports cover locational Astrology (Wikipedia explanation on locational Astrology).

Astrology And Magick? Tell Me More!

Some wonder if there is such a thing as Astrological Magick.


I do it very often.

For example, I can run a Neptune candle on someone for increased glamor and seduction.

Or I can do a Venus candle to find a new love.

I can also do a Saturn candle to solidify a relationship.

And the list goes on and on…

I can also do combinational candles like Mars and Saturn for power and strength or Mars and Venus for confidence in love, or Sun with Neptune to balance someone’s mind.

I also do combinational requests under one candle. For example, if someone is an artist and interested in becoming a psychic, I can combine that in one Neptune candle spell.

Or if someone is lacking motivation, action and bravery, I can combine it all in one Mars candle.

Someone may want to have happiness, fun and find true meaning in life – then I can do one Sun candle for them…

It all depends on personal circumstances.

But Astrological Magick works and works very well!

In fact, if you want to discover more about this fascinating branch of Magick, I invite you to check out our Magick candle spells and planetary spells.

What is the Conclusion About Astrology?

zodiac signs in a wheelIt works.

All the time.

All you need to do is to determine how you want to make it work for you!

Astrology is like a strategy.

All you need to know is what you want.

And it can be easily achieved using the tremendous power of Astrology and Magick!

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