Know the secrets to why most love spells fail.

why love spells fail

So, you like that special girl or boy and you are so into them.

They give you butterflies every time you see them. When your phone beeps from a text message, your head automatically fills with the thought that it better be them.

That person occupies most of your thoughts. You wish how you two could be together, do things together, go places together and make all your friends “sick” by being in love in the front of them.

However, the person you love doesn’t pay much attention to you. And it almost seems unfair. You may even think that you are the best person they should be with but still… they either don’t know it yet or think different.

And then, you discover love spells.

Seems easy: you just cast a spell and your loved one should come back to you.



Do you know why love spells fail at the rate of over 90%? And did you know that in reality, most of them don’t just fail – they actually create opposite effect: breaking you apart even further!

Why does this happen? Why most love spells fail?

The biggest reason is your obsession with another person.

See, when you have or feel a NEED for someone, it is much, much harder to get them. They also feel something. And that something is a repulse towards you.

While there may be physical distance between you, your subconscious minds are interconnected. Your subconscious mind sends out the signal of obsession towards them and their subconscious mind picks it up and translates it as annoyance, frustration, lower energy or something of that sort.

The final result is still the same: repulse.

Think about it: who wants to be with the person who projects need, insecurity and low self-confidence? Would you want to be with such person?

Sure, you may not care if it is for couple of weeks but as far as I understand, you are thinking long term, right?

Now imagine that the other person picks up the thought of long term combined with annoyance, frustration, need… That means annoyance, frustration and need long term to them! Of course, they are going to RUN AWAY AND WON’T HESITATE TO LOOK BACK!

So, what can you do about it?

How can you make love spells work?

One of the best things you can do is cast obsession removal spells before casting love spells. You can use uncrossing candles to do that. You can also use banishing candles.

And do NOT cast any love spells until you COMPLETELY get rid of obsession!

Once you do that, watch the miracles of your love spells working fast!

And of course, if you need any help to do this type of work, you can possibly hire us to do it for you. Simply send us email and explain your situation to determine the price and other details.

why most love spells fail