Mind Magick By PlutoCraft – Let Me Give You Secrets That Give You Power!

PlutoCraft Mind Magick Protocol Below

Maybe you’ve heard about mind magick before, maybe you haven’t, it doesn’t matter. I will show you something that gives you immense power!
Imagine this: as you finish reading what I am about to tell you, you’ll be able to chause change on demand using the power of mind magick!
Basically, you will know how to cuase a change on the go using only your mind!
So, imagine…
What if you feel lonely and appreciated and you want that lover?
What if you feel that your finances could definitely use some improvement and you can attract more money?
Then, what if you want to be able to control heal, repell, seduce and influence people – all of that, using only your mind?
Basically, possibilities are endless and ironically, it is your mind that can cause you limitations… Or lack of imagination, of you will…
Let’s begin to discover the secrets of mental magick… In fact, as you read, you can see these words… and you can safely know that from now on, I am talking to your subconscious mind.
You can still consciously process this information, but I am talking directly to your subconscious mind for better and even better results…
You are now getting in tune with better experience on using mind magick…

Mind Magick Works At All Times And You Do It Every Second

As you continue reading, you are also realizing that your subconscious mind always attracts something.
That something is based on your subconscious beliefs. These beliefs and clusters of beliefs, called paradigms, bring you results. You may like your results or you may not like your results, but you are getting everything in your life based on your beliefs.
Feel how things are around you. Do you like how it feels?
Do you like how your love life feels?
Your finances?
Do you like how your sexual experiences feel? Are you satisfied?
Do you like where you live and do you love your environment?
Sure, some things you are very pleased about and there are things that you would love to change. Again, everything that you have right now is primarily based on your subconscious beliefs. You may now know what they are but you have them.
When you want to be successful at mind magick, you must first realize that nothing happens independant of you and that you are always attracting something. That something is based on your subconscious beliefs.
And it happens every single second. Therefore, you know that by changing your present, you change your fitire.
You also know that past and future do not actually exist. When you think of the past, you bring memories into the present. And when future comes, it comes in the present.
It is all about right here, right now…

You Can Alter A Reality With Mind Magick And Here Is How To Do It

You have thoughts but you are not your thoughts. You are much bigger than your thoughts.
Yet, thoughts are energy.
You are energy. You have a body which consists of organ systems, they consist of organs and your organs consist of cells.
You cells consist of molecules. Molecules consist of atoms. Atoms consist of very protons, neutrons and electrons. And what do those consist of?
Therefore, when you get down to the real core, you understand that you consist of energy.
Thoughts are energy too, they are like electrical impulses. And you can choose what to think about, how to think about it and what is it that you want.

Do you now get the picture that by using your mind, you can actually control energy using your thoughts?

And if you can control energy, you can control the outcomes. Because everything is actually energy. Love is energy. Money is energy. Everything is energy.
A lot of money is energy and it is a high energy. Poverty is energy too and it is low energy. Loving relationship is energy and it is high energy. Deterriating relationship is energy and it is low energy.
Now you know that by using your mind, you can change the state of energy.
You also know that when you change energy using mind magick, it will have no choice but to manifest into a reality.
How is it exactly do you do it?

Use My Time Tested And Ever-Working Mind Magick Protocol

PlutoCraft Mind Magick Protocol:

Relax. Think of what is it that you do not want. For example, you do not want to be lonely. Clearly determine what is it that you do not want.
Accept that what you do not want as a reality along with all it’s painful thoughts and emotions it may bring. Allow yourself to process everything instead of running away from it. Take some time if you have to. If you need a long time, take that time.
As you process everything, say this affirmation: “Even though I feel lonely, I deeply love, fully accept and completely forgive myself. I am happy, loving and lovable, accepted and accepting, forgiven and forgiving”.What you do here is you cause a very deep, profound clearing.
What you also do is you remove the root of the problem. For example, if you feel lonely, not only you work on getting yourself a lot of love and lover(s), but you also clear to tranform loneliness into ever-lasting comanionship on demand!If you want other things, substitute word “loneliness” into whatever you want.
Like “don’t ahve a new car” or “broke up with Joyce”, or “have headaches”.
It would go like this:“Even though I don’t have a new car, I deeply love, fully accept and completely forgive myself. I am happy, loving and lovable, accepted and accepting, forgiven and forgiving”.
“Even though I broke up with Joyce, I deeply love, fully accept and completely forgive myself. I am happy, loving and lovable, accepted and accepting, forgiven and forgiving”.
“Even though I have headaches, I deeply love, fully accept and completely forgive myself. I am happy, loving and lovable, accepted and accepting, forgiven and forgiving”.
You must clear to cause those old negative energies to transform into new positive energies to get results that you want. For faster and more advanced clearing, check out A Prayer That Always Works. It is my MASTER clearing tool!
Then, after you said those phrases three times for easy issues, six times for medium issues, nine times for heavy issues and twelve times for extremely heavy “impossible to solve” issues, determine what is it exactly you want.You must determine it in a positive state in a present tense. Avoid future tense like “I will have” or “I will be” and avoid negative words like “headache”, “break up”, etc…
Also, avoid anything with “I don’t want”.For example, avoid “I don’t want to have headaches”.So, for your mind magick, you would determine what is it exactly that you want in a present tense using postive statements.
It would be something like:“I enjoy the company I love and I feel happy”
“I got my new car and it feels great to drive it”
“I reconciled with Joyce and we are happy together”
“My head feels relaxed and I feel only pleasure in my head, I feel free”
Visualize and really feel what it feels to have what you want. Aim for positive feelings. The better and more intense it feels, the quicker you’ll get results.
Imagine yourself ten years from now. You are sitting on the chair, thinking… And suddently, you just remember how easy it was to get what you want. What you thought was so hard to get came to you fast and easy.
You don’t remember how exactly it came, but you remember that it did!
Give thanks to the Universe, to God, to yourself, relax and let go! Detach from your request by knowing that you did mind magick and now it will manifest as a reality!

Mind Magick Don’ts!

Here are the things you should not do when and after you do the mind magick.


– Think how things will come. It is up to the Universe to know how to manifest your outcome. When you think how things will come, you project mistrust into the Universe and you’ll just either won’t get what you want or you’ll attract disappointments and mistrust.
– Concearn when things will manifest. Again, only Universe knows when. Thinking when will things manifest is a projection of mistrust. Basically, you want to see things now so you can prove and trust that you will see results. Again, Universe and your subconscious mind don’t like it.
– Look for signs. This is pretty much same as above.
– Dwell if you did mind magick right. If you really feel you did it wrong, you can do it again.
– Obsess. Obsession is a major mistrust. An addiction. Obsession attracts only more obsession. It only attracts more need, want and chaos. It is a major interferance for any type of magick. If you have obsession problems, get Remove Evil spell.In fact, Remove Evil spell also helps you clear other interferences for doing mind magick! And it just helps you to get rid of evil! How cool is that?

This Mind Magick Tip Changes Everything – Part 1!

This mind magick tip is also called 100% responsibility.
It changes everything. It really, really does. Once you use it, you will see immense miracles delivered to you at unbelievable speed!
Here is how it works: while most people blame someone or something, you take 100% responsibility for everything.
Responsibility is not about guilt, fault or anything of that sort. All you are doing is just saying: “Ok, I will just take full 100% responsibility and solve this”.
Why not 50/50 responsibility? Aren’t 2 people at fault? And aren’t it’s that “whole half of the high school that made you feel that way?”
Again, responsibility is not about guilt or fault. It is about you taking POWER over everything! So, if you want 50/50 responsibility, it’s like you are giving 50% of power to them. Remember that nothing happens independent of you?
So, you take 100% responsibility that you will change the situation, even if you feel other messed up. But when you really understand and see miracles of 100% responsibility, you will no longer want to blame anyone or anything because you’ll be addicted to how well you work miracles – and how fast!
100% responsibility is like also saying: “Ok, you know what? I will be the one who will take care of this. While others cry, I will change things. They will still cry and I will be the one who gets what I want”.

Mind Magick Tips That Changes Everything – Part 2

Here comes the second part of applying this tip in your mind magick. After you took 100% responsibility, ask to change whatever that’s in you that caused, causing and may be causing this or similar situations in the future.
When is it best to do it? Actually, it is best to do it before you even start the first step in mind magick.
All you do is sit down, relax, no guilt, no shame, no blame and sort of tell to yourself:
“I take 100% and full responsibility for experiencing these headaches… or this break up… or not having a new car…”
Then, you say 4 Ho’oponopono phrases from A Prayer That Always Works and you say them 3 times. These 4 phrases are: I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. You repeat them 3 times.
Then, you ask to change whatever that’s in you that caused, causing and may be causing this or similar problem(s) in the future.
After that, say words “Candy cane” 3 times. These are the clearing words that clear out whatever else you migh’ve forget, the negativity you may not know about.
Finally, you let go. And you continue with mind magick.

As you can see, I combine mind magick with clearing (Ho’oponopono) for even better and faster results! This is my favorite advanced method that always works when you do it right!

Mind Magick Super Boosters For Speed And Power!

When I am asked to enhance someone’s mind magick abilities, I use my secret 3-Spell “Mind Magick Mega Booster” combination. What it does is, it turns anyone into a walking, talking mind magick manifester!
Here is what I do:
First, I cast Mercury Spell to increase mental abilities and speed. Everyone wants speed and Mercury Spell does exactly that! It also provides a great deal of supreme intelligence with wisdom! It’s a must-have spell if you want to be a professional!
Then, I cast Neptune Spell. This spell greatly increases psychic and subconscious abilities. It also helps you to get what you want with the path of least resistance. So, speed is increased as well. Neptune Spell opens up special mind magick portals and vortexes for you, not available otherwise.
Finally, I cast Ace Of Wands Wish Granting Spell. This spell grants you wishes, miracles and blessings. It makes you a MASTER OF MIND MAGICK! It comes with special supreme power and it makes sure that obstacles on your way are destroyed! Again, this is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to do mind magick!
I can cast these spells for you one by one or as a combination. The choice is yours.
And if you order all three of them, I can include Remove Evil spell for you at no extra cost becaus I want you to master the real power of mind magick!
I know that once you master mind magick, you will use it all the time. Life will never be the same for you again. I promise you that and so much more!
ALWAYS REMEMBER: whenever you want to change something, use PlutoCraft Mind Magick Protocol!
Do it now!
And witness miracles!
Are you interested in Mind Magick and need some help? Or do you maybe have some questions? Always contact me if you need help!