If you are considering using Magick to bring your ex back, or if you even did some spells yourself or somewhere else, I bet you missed a secret to the formula of successful reconcilement.

Here it comes: while most people think that their relationship is killed by some hate or some problem, they often overlook the possibility that their relationship was actually destroyed by indifference.

Yes, that’s right – it is INDIFFERENCE.

When indifference is present in the relationship, the desire to fight over obstacles disappears. And let’s face it – pretty much any relationship has obstacles.

Indifference contributes to “mathematics” of the relationship and not in your favor: if, in the past, your ex would agree to overcome an obstacle, now they calculate the hassle (which is magnified by indifference) and conclude that it is “better to let it go”.

When indifference appears – cheating, desire to be loved more, emotional needs on the side, arguments and all sorts of other things are waiting like a loyal army to cause final destruction.

Suddenly, misunderstanding and confusion enters such a relationship and it starts going on default.

Default rarely plays in your favor. Threat is almost always followed by default.

And suddenly, another “perfect lover” appears out of the blue (usually, it is another person who will be used for rebound period).

You get the picture, right?

A wounded person who got left by an ex starts seeking a Love Spell to reconcile such a relationship. And it seems like Love Spell is the wisest choice on the planet. Right?

Wrong. Very wrong…

Love Spell can help. But unless you work on the original root of the problem, either with Magick or not, most likely that Love Spell will not work. Or even if it will, it won’t do much good. Such a relationship is nearly destined to fail again. Get this right and you are on the road to success.

In order to succeed with Love Magick, another type of Magick may be needed to attack the root of the problem. And it must be done BEFORE Love Magick is done.

Sometimes, healing energies must be sent to the root of the problem which caused indifference.

Sometimes, it can be protection energies.

And yes, sometimes only Love Magick is needed.

It all depends on your individual situation.

So, how do you find what’s needed?

In order to find out which spells you need to perform Magick to get your ex back, you need a powerful psychic reading called diagnostic. It is NOT just a psychic reading. It is a highly specialized psychic reading performed specifically for Magick work.

Only a practical Magick practitioner with highly developed psychic powers can do it.

How do I know?

Let me tell you how. Couple of years ago, I was around a group of all kinds of psychics. We were doing readings for clients. But we had spare time and we were giving readings to each other. I loved those moments. Imagine being around all kinds of gifted psychics, swapping readings and having a great time.

But whenever I would ask “ok, so what kind of spell can benefit here?”, I would get an instant blank stare with the question: “what do you mean?”

I would say: “Well, you know, Magick… Spell work… What kind of spell can be done here to benefit this situation?”

All psychics at that fare would reply with nearly same 2 types of answers: “I don’t know” and “I don’t read into that”.

And that’s perfectly fine. Different people have different gifts. Magick is obviously not for everyone as well.

But the main point is that if you are seeking help using Magick, you must be precise with your spell work (or spell orders) because Magick is not a toy.

One of the LAST things I would advise for someone to do is this one: “Do a love spell and see if it works or not. Do more if it doesn’t”.

“Do more if it doesn’t” is even stronger counter advice from me. Don’t do it!

In order to gain success with Love Magick, especially when it comes to bringing your ex back, you must follow this protocol:

  1. Identify the real root of the problem
  2. Determine precise course of spell work with timing
  3. Execute the course of a spell work at planned times

Of course, there are more ins and outs to this protocol which depend on individual situations.

But as you can see, the first step to this protocol is identification of the problem. To be more precise, identification of indifference causes if one happened.

Only that allows a path to building a successful spell work.

And only that allows a path to success.

Do you now see why most love spells fail?

Do you now see that they are destined to fail before they even started?

And do you now see how people get negative Karmic consequences for themselves for throwing harmful energies? (Please note that if you do a love spell and it affects your loved one, but the results of it are negative, you will, most likely, get negative Karma. When you do a love spell incorrectly, it CAN affect your loved one in a negative way – you will not be together, but you will be pulled even further apart and with consequences on your side. I plan to do a blog post just on this subject because too many people treat Magick as a toy).

I highly advise you NOT to toy with Magick and stop listening to any claims such as “powerful, safe black magic with no Karma“. Because too many of our customers come to us after hiring such “help” and not understanding why their loved one now hates them, and why their emotional state is in chaos…

Do things right, even if truth is inconvenient and you will be on a safe side.

Try to cheat the process – blame yourself.

Anyways, if you have questions and help help, contact us. We’ll be very glad to review your situation and provide genuine advice, rather than some quick shortcut that won’t work at the end.

And remember – indifference may be a major cause why your loved one is not with you.