Many people ask me a question:

“How long does it take for Magick to work?”

Even though there are general time frames for Magick taking effect, the correct question should be different:

“How long would it take for Magick to work for me and in this particular situation?”

Let’s cover both aspects, so you get a clear understanding about speed of Magick.

Let’s take a very practical scenario as an example:

36-year-old male (let’s call him Josh) orders a spell to find a job. It happens to be that the Moon is waning and Mercury retrograde is right in the middle. He pays for his spell, sends all his details and… now what?

When could Josh expect his results?

Technically, Josh can expect his results from the moment he placed an order for the spell. Yes, even though the actual spell work did not start yet, things did start to move in general. We noticed many times that a lot of people start seeing signs after they place an order and before we even start the work. We have some mojo! No joke.

Ok, even though Josh can expect results right away, the question still remains – when, according to general Magick rules, can Josh expect results?

Let’s calculate…

The first thing, as Magicians, we need to determine WHEN to cast Josh’s spell. Casting a spell to find a new job on Waning Moon when Mercury is retrograding is not a good idea. Even though we do have powerful tricks to overcome unfavorable Moon phases and harsh Astrological times, we would still prefer to do it in harmony with the Universe.

Usually, it would take about a week or so to get to the better Moon phase. Since we can’t wait months for Mercury retrograde to end, and there is absolutely no need anyways, we will proceed with the spell work as soon as Moon enters the New phase.

Let’s just assume it will take a week.

Now we have to do what’s called a 7-day candle. Name says it all – this candle will be dressed and blessed for Josh to find a new Job, special energy input will be made, strong powers will be added and it will be good to go. It will go for 7 days. So, this is another week.

Now the candle is burned and finished. 7 days has passed. But spells take about one Moon cycle to take effect (that’s about 30 days, or 29.5 to be exact).

The total time comes to 6 weeks, or 45 days…

But that’s for just one, “simple” spell.

What if someone, instead of having a job, decides to get filthy rich and attract wealth??? In that case, one spell isn’t enough. We would have to do a whole series of rituals. And what if that someone has some sort of energetic interference (curse, evil eye, hex, etc) on their money?

That would take longer than 6 weeks. It can take up to 6 months or so!

Some people get very discouraged because they have this Harry Potter idea of Magick. Just swing the wand and money will drop from the sky.

But how Master Plutocraft said: “We are not a drive-through of Magick.” This means that if you want “instant results for cheap” because you are impatient and ignorant to learn couple of things for your own good, you can go somewhere else.

See, there is an over-abundance of all kinds of “spell casters”, “mamas”, “papas”, “doctors” and you name it out there, who will promise you ANYTHING you want to hear, and will GLADLY take your money. And if you still don’t get the job? Oh, then “there must be a curse on you” which, of course, takes more money to “remove it”.

Try it yourself!

Ok, back to business.

What if someone really needs their results fast?

We do speed up our work as fast as we can. And a lot of times, our clients do get results way faster than expected. But we won’t sacrifice speed for quality no matter how much someone wants it.

However, what we can do is add additional Magick called “Speed Magick“. This is something we invented on our own from years of experience and the countless spells that we did.

But Speed Magick comes at a monetary price. We do not do it for free. We do it as an addition to the Magick ordered and it is a different branch of Magick.

Would Speed Magick make things happen instantly?

Usually, no.

But it does help a lot to speed things up.

And it also helps to remove obstacles faster.

It can also serve as a great “life-saver”, especially when it comes to Love Magick. For example, it can help to avoid some things that someone would not want their loved one to do (like going on dates with other people). Or it can greatly decrease amounts of dates as well as their passionate intensity.

It can also help people break up faster.

It has its own benefits besides just speed because it utilizes several Astrological elements.

But generally, patience is your best key to victory.

You know why?

Let me explain…

When someone says “I need my results fast”, what they are unconsciously saying is “I don’t trust. That’s why I want to see my results with my eyes, so I know it is working.”

So, in reality, more often than not, it is the trust issue.

Now, if someone has trust issues, they are covertly putting off an energy of interference that they are not even aware of. They start to unconsciously block their own success.

When someone orders a spell from us with trust and just lets it all go, that someone starts getting results at immense speed. It was proven over and over again.

Another way to increase speed without paying for it is to look at the good.

Instead of looking at what’s wrong, start looking at what’s right.

For example, some people who order love work do not hear anything from their ex in months. After spell work is done, their ex starts to text them. But they are dissatisfied with amounts of texts, what is said in texts and so on…

They rapidly start to block their own results by putting off these energies of un-gratefulness and dissatisfaction. Just because their ex does not obsessively text them “I love you and I want to be with you and only you” after months of no contact, it does not mean that Magick is not working.

Magick takes time to develop. Today they may text only once and be cold. Next week they may text 3 times and be warmer. And couple months later, they may think about marriage… But that’s all IF someone does not start to mess it all up because things are not happening fast enough for their ego.

So, look at what’s working and what’s good instead of what’s not, because you are a co-creator with Magick.

Now, let’s get back to this question:

“How long would it take for Magick to work for me and in this particular situation?”

In reality, this question is nearly impossible to answer. That’s because there are hundreds and hundreds of factors involved. Starting from your Astrological chart, going through your ancestral line and ending with some minor things like what you eat for breakfast – and so much more in between – can play on outcome on speed.

But the good news is that a skilled Magician can overcome obstacles. Skill and power from the Magician play a key role in speed.

Patience, understanding and trust from the customer greatly adds to speed.

Imagine this scenario:

Joe wants to get a job. Joe wants to get a high paying job and he wants it fast. Joe has poor qualifications for the job and Joe’s favorite hobby is to watch football while drinking beer. Joe does not care about his professional appearance and Joe absolutely does not care to take any action to pass resumes out. In fact, Joe has another hobby – to complain how bad life is and how everything is unfair.

But Joe wants a high paying job fast…

Get the picture?

No matter how skilled and experienced a Magician is, Joe himself is helpless.

In Joe’s mind, since he ordered a spell, he should get a high paying job and he should get it quick. That’s not how things work.

A line of employers will not line up by Joe’s door, auctioning with each other who will pay unskilled Joe the most money. They have more than enough resumes from skilled and qualified individuals coming to them daily.

No spell out there can help this particular situation.

Unless Joe gets out from the couch, gets a professional appearance and gets REALISTIC, he may better save his money for another case of beer instead of ordering spell work.

Same principle applies for pretty much any other case.

If someone does not want to spend 15 minutes a day to work on his confidence, he will not have a line of women begging him for sex.

If someone does not want to remove drama addiction, she will not hold a relationship with that perfect man.

If someone is too proud to see a professional counselor and talk about some childhood issues, he or she will not instantly turn their life 180 degrees around.

And if someone is too ignorant to learn a thing or two on how Magick works, they will not get instant results just because they ordered a spell.

But on the other side, and we see it all the time, people who explore our website, take advice, understand things and are being realistic – they do get their results faster and with much higher quality than they even expected!

Why? Because they do not interfere themselves with what they want to get.

We always do our job to the best of our ability. Do you do yours the same way?

Conclusion: if you have a life situation where you need skilled, powerful and honest Magick work, and when you want your results fast, contact us or even better, get a professional diagnostic so we can start working on your problem right away.

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Get curious! Explore! Learn!

It is fun and good.

And as you learn all this valuable information, always remember that PlutoCraft always combines speed AND quality!


Master PlutoCraft

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