Is Love Magick Ethical?

love magick ethics

Many people wonder if Love Magick is the ethical thing to do…

Don’t you?

Some say:

“How can you force someone to fall in love when they don’t want to? This is terrible!!!”

Isn’t it bad Karma?”

“This is evil!!!”

You should never use love spells towards someone you love!”

And the list of creative comments goes on and on…

Let me answer this provocative question because ignorance is not an option when it comes to being happy with someone you love.

In less than 5 minutes, you will realize and know something you never knew before.

First of all, Love Magick does NOT force anyone to love someone they don’t love. In fact, forcing love is impossible.

Sure, it is possible to force an illusion, but illusion isn’t love. And love isn’t an illusion either. While being in love can often be traced to the World of fantasies, sincerely loving someone is a totally different emotional dimension.

Keep in mind that you can be in love and sincerely love someone simultaneously.

So, how does Love Magick come into this picture?

Let’s find out the fun way.

The Two Scenarios Of Love Work

love magick scenario 1

What I want you to do right now is imagine two scenarios.

Scenario # 1: It is early morning in a large city, about 7:45 AM… Morning traffic… Rainy weather… The sky is gray. People are rushing to work. A girl named Jenny has to be in her office cubicle no later than 8:30 AM. She is stressed. Tired… You got the idea.

Jenny stops to quickly get a cup of coffee, hoping she will make it to her office by 8:30. After she pays for her coffee, she anxiously waits for it to get done, so she can quickly jump in her car and drive to the office. She can’t be late.

As she waits for her coffee, there is a guy who checks her out. Jenny notices it and hopes that he does not start a conversation. She is not in the mood for meeting anyone. She does not want to talk to anyone. She is tired, getting late to work and – it is early morning to begin with!

She hears: “Jenny!? Here is your coffee. Thank you ma’am,” as one of the coffee shop staff calls her name.

Jenny grabs her cup of coffee, rushes through the door, starts the car and speeds to work.

As she speeds to work, she remembers some man was looking at her. Jenny is grateful he did not start any conversations. Hey, it is morning… She does not even feel fully secure about herself having been so rushed. She is still “waking up”.

“Romance” is over…

Moral of the story: Jenny isn’t looking for love.

Scenario # 2: Four months later, Jenny takes a vacation. The airplane arrives at the beautiful coast of California, and Jenny takes a walk to the beach after settling in a hotel right on the coast.

The weather is great. Sunny blue skies. Nice ocean breeze caresses the skin. The smell of salty air from the ocean energizes and uplifts the Spirit. The sound of waves is pleasing to the ears. It just feels so good!

Jenny puts her beach towel on the warm sand, takes her shirt and shorts off, lays down and allows sun rays to warm up and tan her skin.

As it happens, Jenny notices something. She notices that she misses something. Or, to be more exact, someone.

She misses someone who can lay next to her, someone she can talk to, laugh with and let’s be adults here – someone she can have sexy romantic times with, as her two-week vacation passes by.

She starts to give men “eyes”. She becomes flirty. She is no longer denying an opportunity.

Assuming everything goes well, Jenny finds her vacation fling, has more fun in two weeks than she had in a year and goes home happily – yet, a bit sad because romance is over.

love magick scenario 2-2

Romance did happen.

Moral of the story: Jenny was actively seeking romance.

Now, let’s see if you can answer this question:

What is the most important factor that was involved in each scenario?

The correct answer is: SITUATION. In other words, reactions to events were SITUATIONAL!

Love Magick Works Best When Approached With Understanding of Situations and Circumstances

understand love magick

In fact, can we safely say that the same man who tried to approach Jenny in the coffee shop would have an excellent chance while she was on vacation?


More often than not, when it comes to love, things are very situational. The exact same person has a 500% higher chance of success when they approach people in CORRECT situations, or RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES!

You see it everywhere, all the time. People behave differently towards you when they are in the presence of their parents rather than friends. They are more open-minded when they are not in a rush. They even go to various places to find romance in the evening, while they would be completely avoiding it on the morning of the very same day!

So, how does Love Magick affect love situations?

Unlike forcing someone to love someone (which is impossible), we create RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES using Love Magick.

Whether it is to find a new love, reconcile with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend, or to rekindle a marriage — we aim Love Magick towards creating desirable circumstances for two people to be together, deeply in love!

Of course, there is much more involved than that, and we utilize many other “tricks”, but the main point is that we do not force the impossible (forcing someone to love someone).

Ethically and Karmically speaking, this is absolutely no different than:

  • Your best friend sets you up for a date with someone they think would be great for you.
  • A counselor is helping you and your ex to have a new, better, stronger relationship than you had before.
  • YOU are actually helping your ex to see things in a new Light (let’s be honest, most relationships break up due to invalid reasons, like misunderstandings).
  • You are winning over a competitor (assuming someone “took” your ex away).
  • You are gaining a new level of confidence and defending your ground (assuming someone talked your ex into leaving you behind your back).
  • You are energetically clearing your relationship from garbage (assuming someone put a break up spell on you or projected much envy and negativity).

One Of The Most Important Lessons Of Love Magick

lessons of love magick

Here is a SHOCKING discovery that I made when I was learning how to correctly and efficiently utilize Love Magick:

When I work on the case to reconcile a relationship, after firing uncrossing spell work, an ex who left – starts to come back.

What does this tell you???

It must tell you that, more often than not, there is an INTERFERENCE between the two of you, which creates an illusion in your ex that he or she doesn’t love you anymore.

In other words, he or she still loves you, but because there is interference, he or she THINKS that love towards you is far gone…

So, by getting Love Magick done, not only do you help yourself, but you also help your ex to remove the illusion and see the reality.

People do not just fall out of love. In fact, it is very hard to fall out of love. It takes a lot of effort to destroy love. But being under the illusion that “it is over” can easily make someone think they do not love you anymore.

And then, as they start to think it, they may eventually start to feel it, too. What they are doing now is FORCING themselves to fall out of love – all because of an interference (illusion). In fact, sometimes things get so confusing that it becomes easier for the person to run away from love.

Do you now see how interference that creates illusions can easily separate two people while they still love each other? That’s why ignorance should never be an option!

The Real Beauty Of Love Magick

Beauty Of Love Magick

Here comes the real beauty of Love Magick:

When done right, it is capable of RESURRECTING lost feelings!

Please note that I used the word “resurrecting” and this is why:

Skilled Magickal Practitioners know that feelings are never gone. They either change (for example, from love to hate) or become inactive, yet stored (for example, they are “at sleep”).

Love Magick is capable of changing AND resurrecting feelings. For example, an interference can create feelings of hate. When interference is removed with Magick, feelings of love emerge.

Then, to help to speed up the process, resurrecting the feeling of love using Love Magick becomes a priority.

There are other things that can be done to increase the speed of results, depending on the situation, the severity, intensity and time frame that is associated with it.

That’s why case diagnostic is the very first crucial step we take before we take your case. It involves seeing the hidden, building the CORRECT STRATEGY and getting you the best outcome possible. It also shows interference factors – equally important information. Once you know what interfered in the first place, you now know how to fix things and to make sure it never happens again.

Why Most Love Spells Fail

why love spells fail

And they fail miserably, when they are done wrong.


For several reasons, but here are the major ones:

    • Because interference isn’t getting removed first.

<li”>Because putting love spell energy on top of desperate love feelings creates only the opposite effect – distance and break up.

  • Because when they aren’t done right, spells can block chakras and energy fields.
  • They can cause Karmic consequences when done wrong.
  • Because most of them are performed by spell casters rather than trained, experienced and skilled Magick Practitioners (if you ever wonder what’s the difference, I have a blog post about it: Real Magick Practitioners VS Spell Casters).
  • Love Magick requires high quality supplies (I’ve invested thousands of dollars in supplies because I know how important it is).
  • And because Love Magick is a very delicate process that requires extensive, powerful, correctly timed rituals rather than just “casting a love spell”.


Someone who has been in the profession of a Magick practitioner perfectly knows these things.

But generally, and very unfortunately, the general public is very misinformed. That’s why the more you engage in “spell casting” to get your ex back, the further you are pushing all your chances away.

Why do you think we have so many people come back to us after trying “spell casters”?

Just spell casters are NOT qualified to perform successful Love Magick. Don’t fall into that trap of cheaper prices. In fact, it will be much more expensive in the long run.

We do charge people to break the previous Magick that did not work before we can even start on a love case. So, be warned and be aware.

Can Love Magick Eliminate Competitors And
Protect Our Relationship?

break up spell

Usually, no. Love Magick itself does not usually do it.

However, spells of Protection Magick (for example: Archangel St. Michael or Phantom Warrior spells) do.

There are also very powerful spells to eliminate a competitor if your ex is seeing, dating and having sex with someone else.

The most common spell category for this task comes from the Banishing class, which includes candles such as Run Devil Run. Another powerful banishing spell is our Astrological Pluto Candle Spell.

Protection and banishing spells are done in conjunction with Love Magick to protect your relationship and eliminate competitors.

Some assume that break up spells are ideal. They can be used at times, but usually, they are completely unnecessary. In fact, they are often counter-productive.

Usually there is not much to break up to begin with. A lot of times, your competitor is not who you think he or she is. Chances are likely that you give too much power to them.

They are usually a person “to have fun with”, rather than serious marriage-potential material.

In fact, they are usually a “rebound guy” or “rebound girl”. Such people are simply used to ease the pain. They are already pre-destined for a break up.

Knowing this, you start working intelligently, rather than egocentrically. And that leads you to your dream – getting your ex back!

How To Make Love Magick Work For You?

Whether you want to find a new love, get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend back, rekindle your marriage, increase your attraction levels, be successful at dating, have amazingly hot sex with people you like – we can help.

But first, you must know the correct protocol of success:

Step 1: Order a diagnostic so we dig deep into the hidden, develop the right strategy for you and explain to you what’s going on. Or, if you have any questions, just contact us.

Step 2: After we determine the course of work, go for it! We will start your work with the best dedication, highest quality supplies, the most precise timing and most importantly – we will utilize our years of expertise to gain success as fast as possible.

Step 3: Relax. There is no need to be on guard about anything. This is our job to work for you. If we have a psychic message or advice for you while we do the work, we will let you know. Just relax. Too many people get caught up in anxieties over failed relationships that they start losing their true identity. We perfectly know how tough it can be, but be assured that your case is handled with the best care and compassion possible!

This blog post educated you on many areas of Love Magick. Now you know. And the choice is yours…

make love magick work

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