Powerful Remote Influencing – 1 Session



Remote Influencing From The World’s Best – And Here Is Why!

You are purchasing one Remote Influencing session, which will be performed by Master PlutoCraft – a very trained and experienced remote influencing master.

This session will help you with any of the following issues:

  • Love
  • Getting ex back
  • Permanent money problem correction
  • Real estate (buy or sell)
  • Sex (many issues)
  • Safety
  • Protection against viruses and other stuff’
  • Self-esteem correction
  • Trauma elimination
  • Spirit detachment and elimination
  • House clearings
  • Anti-bullying (buy 1 get 1 free)
  • Uncontrollable teenagers and elimination of bad peers
  • Safe travel
  • Anti-Virus (100% SUCCESS RATE)
  • Clearings of all kinds
  • Chakra balancing
  • Aura clearing
  • Detachment of energy vampires (requires 2+ sessions)
  • Career success
  • Documents and beaurocracy (approvals, speed, consideration, success, etc)
  • Enemy elimination
  • Object charging at the distance (amulets, talismans)
  • Safety coverage
  • Preventions of all kinds
  • Diagnostics
  • Psychic attunements and improvements
  • Client attraction to the business
  • Websites diagnosis with an improvement plan
  • Witchcraft elimination
  • Spells elimination and nullification of their agendas
  • Catching criminals
  • Crime investigations
  • And much, much more!

When you order your remote influencing session, I enter what’s called a Theta diapason. This is where energetic correction is possible. Most people can enter a Theta state only for a short period of time when they go to sleep.

Then, depending on your issue, I use a proper remote influencing technique. This allows the energy to be corrected and your result becomes a reality.

Finally, unlike other masters, I submit your desired results to the Universe, or The Source, and wait for feedback. This allows me to know if the job was done right and if everything is ok. Basically, this is when and where I determine if you will get success or not. This is what I call THE KEY to results!

If something is wrong, I repeat the session to get it right. Very often, I get feedback here like: “wait 2 weeks, everything will be done, the exam will be passed, etc”.

I worked very hard to establish the right communication with The Source as I am also a Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner. Therefore, I clear you for better and faster results.

Overall, I’ve done over 2,000 Remote Influencing sessions and my overall success rate is 98.8%, while the average percentage rate is 60%. This makes a huge difference and I can guarantee you that you are working with World’s best!

This Is Me In Rouen, France After Performing A Remote Influencing Session In The Morning For Safe Travel To Frankfurt, Germany

Magick of Master PlutoCraft

Let me tell you a mild remote influencing story… As you know, during the virus, France and Germany were opening and closing borders at will… You would never know if you will make it…

I did an RI session and successfully crossed the border to Germany… As soon as I did it – 4 days later, new rules kicked in and it would be very, very hard for me to cross the border as I am not immunized.

But let me tell you a harsh, terror-kidnapping story too…

I was once kidnapped in Ukraine for ransom from a hospital and I was injected with a bunch of sleeping injections that would knock a horse out. Just before that happened, I quickly RIed to:

  • Stay awake
  • Stay alert
  • GET OUT!!!

It happened at about 5 – 7 PM and at 7 AM the next day, I was out! Completely out! I quickly informed my SBU (same as FBI) friends, my location was tracked and armed criminals became afraid of me.

That’s the power of Remote Influencing!

By the way, I did not fall asleep either – even though I was injected with something that I could not walk and I could not move my tongue.

And for some reason, I wasn’t afraid too. Believe it or not, several escape plans entered my mind from the Universe.

Not only RI provided me with everything that I asked for, but it also gave me more. Much more…

And yeah, Karma works like crazy too.

On the same day, one of the criminals was in a panic: he got blood results tests that were showing AIDS.

Well, that’s not surprising…

Every Remote Influencing Case Is A Story! What Will Be Your Story?

Remember: you get 98.8% success rate – and that’s not a joke!

Remote Influencing Q & A:

Q: Which program did you complete?

A: The first remote influencing program that I completed was Dennis Higgins, Ph.D and John La Tourette Ph. D. It’s called: “Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing – The New Evolution In Mind Power”.

After that, I completed additional programs from Silva and some more, including a lot of my own tunning to get the maximum success possible.

In other words, I was crazy about RI!!! I was what I call “RIng” everything I can! I learned to go it on the go, even while I was driving! As soon as I could do my 3-2-1 count method and connect to a Divine – that’s it!

Q: When you do remote influencing, does the person feel something?

A: Usually no. At least, not the RI itself. It would not be good to feel remote influencing. But what they do feel is results. That’s good!

Q: How long does it take to take to see results from remote influencing?

A: If you know me, then you know that I don’t like to give out time frames. The same applies to remote influencing. Every case is individual. Every person is different.

Some people had their results in minutes and some had to wait a month or so, especially with justice cases because there are dates set not by me.

Q: Are there are any dangers in doing remote influencing?

A: Absolutely none. In fact, there is a program that’s installed with the wording: “…with every second, you become better and better than desires and your situation becomes better and better than desired with every second…” – it is all passed through a deep Theta state.

Q: How many sessions does the person need?

A: Usually, from 1 – 4. It all depends. Just contact me with the issue and I will be able to determine the number of sessions. And you can always order your remote influencing session right away to get the work going!

This will lo”lock-in” the timing and get your case moving much faster! With RI, speed matters!

With that said, don’t wait, don’t hesitate! Act now! Order your Remote Infuending session now, send me your details and the issue and I will begin working on it right away! I will get back to you with questions and feedback as well!


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