Ok, Saturn Retrograde in 2018 – that’s Magick times again! You must prepare for it’s effects, know it’s meaning in your life, understand how it plays out on your Karma and how to successfully apply Magick to avoid heavy Karmic hits!

Therefore, You Must Prepare To Discover 7 Proven Ways On How To Avoid Heavy Karmic Hits During 2018 Saturn Retrograde Presented Below!

Master PlutoCraft Will Teach You How!

Always Remember – Being Informed Is Your Key To Success!

Let’s break down this information so you too can be fully informed on how to avoid Karmic hits and use Saturn Retrograde to you advantage.


Let’s begin!

Saturn Retrograde In 2018 – When?


Basically, it begins on April 17-th and ends

on September 6-th of 2018. It begins in Capricorn and ends in Capricorn. The heaviest timeframes when you may feel it will probably begin sometimes in mid-May. But that depends on your personality, how well you are prepared, your Astrological sign and your overall Astrology.

We will cover some of it below as well as powerful solutions you can use right now.

Also, even though you may think “when does it begin and end”, during this particular Saturn Retrograde, you may feel as though time becomes like a watery illusion. That’s because Saturn can blend time. Saturn rules time. Therefore, you may feel as though part, present and future got all blended into one.

And that feels interesting!


Meaning Of 2018 Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn

You must ask this particular question: “what does this Saturn Retrograde mean to me”?

Now, just stop for a second and let the Divine give you answers. Any answers. Watch what comes to your mind. If it is negative – then Saturn is asking you to change your thoughts from negative to positive during this retrograde.

If you get mostly positive thoughts, then Saturn is asking you to remember them and prepare to build a solid structure towards your happiness and success. Remember that Saturn also rules structure.

Soon, we will also cover many life aspects that Saturn rules so you know what you need to concentrate on right now.

But generally, the meaning of Saturn Retrograde is this: you must resolve Karma where you procrastinated.

Yes, that’s right. That’s because Saturn rules Karma and it also rules permission. It is like your parent and sure enough, it does rule parenthood and family. Saturn is your “father”, even though it is a feminine planet.

Wait when we get to all meanings of Saturn planetary energies and application of them in your life.

But this particular Saturn Retrograde is in Capricorn. Therefore, it’s meaning goes deeper: you must resolve Karma where you procrastinated as well as your behavior.

Or, to be exact, what you think of yourself… And how you view others think of you…

Ask yourself: are you a bad boy or girl?

If yes, why? If no, are there are ways you can improve?

If both (usually, it’s both), which areas of your life can you improve on and which areas in your life you choose to perfect?

Your ultimate goal should be being happy without hurting others. So, how can you improve on that?

There are many, many things I can write about Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn but they all come down to this one solid statement, or Grand Meaning: you must resolve your Karma and avoid procrastination to relation of being happy without hurting others while not allowing others to hurt you!

Think of Protection Magick if you feel hurt… It’s great hint!

I don’t want to waste your time discussing other meanings because now you know the Grand Meaning of Saturn Retrograde in 2018!

Let’s move on!


What Are The Effects Of Saturn Retrograde In 2018 When It’s In Capricorn???

Ah, that’s a great question!

Let’s examine that!

Do you feel any of the following?

  • Fatigue
  • Things don’t go your way and you feel as though it becomes harder…
  • Bad dreams, nightmares, vivid dreams
  • You began getting late on your appointments – or opposite – suddenly, you just began to arrive on time
  • Worry, anxiety, stress, fear and it may get physical – like increased body tension, headaches and muscle spasms. But these symptoms are not limited at all.
  • Sudden understanding that you need to restructure your life, maybe even a logical realization that in order to get what you want you must act differently (change your behavior)
  • You began to face the reality and you now understand that you need to do something!
  • You understood that you must act urgently!
  • You very deeply realized that you must seek guidance from someone professional or your inner wisdom! Saturn rules wisdom too.
  • Feeling that life changes but it is a different feeling than you used to have before
  • Feelings of sorrow, depression, guilt, shame, embarrassment and anything of that sort.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are being affected by Saturn Retrograde either directly or indirectly.

Here is my observation, input, knowledge and wisdom that I will give you in regards to this Saturn Retrograde: it will affect your Karma. The more positive Karma you have, the better Saturn Retrograde will be for you. The more negative Karma you have – the nastier it will be for you.

However, if you have a lot of negative Karma and you seriously plan to do something about it – then Saturn will bless you with miracles! There is A LOT you can do and the greatest, quickest way to get out of your mess of any kind is this: you must realize that you have “bad Karma”, learn the lessons, prepare to do something about it and move on!

On the other hand, if you worked your Karma towards being positive – then ANY Saturn Retrograde will bring you blessings!

Procrastination = bad Karma.

Doing something about it = good Karma!

It’s simple as that!

And think of Donald Trump’s formula for success which greatly applies here, either you love him or late him… Here it goes: show up, do your job, do your job good, leave. That’s it!

Show up means realize that Saturn Retrograde’s meaning is the call to improve on your Karma.

Do your job means that you actually do it now – you get informed!

Do your job good means that you will choose and actually DO something in relation to your Karma improvement. I will present you with 7 best ways known to me below and they all work flawlessly – so, think of flawless victory!

Leave. It means don’t dwell on it, don’t be scared, realize that you already survived at least one Saturn retrograde and promise yourself that you will not punish yourself, you will not blame others and live in the world of guilt because it is bad Karma. Instead, you will change towards good, positive, exciting – and you will be blessed in return!

Once you seriously understand and get this, Saturn Retrograde effects will become extremely positive for you!

But to understand effects a bit deeper, or even to understand the message that Universe is trying to send you, let’s take a quick look at your zodiac sign. We will do it to have some sort of a starting point or a point of reference for later use to help you resolve your Karma as best as possible!


How Does Saturn Retrograde Affects My Astrology And Zodiac Sign In 2018 – And What Is The Point Of Reference To Work On?

Let’s quickly look which major area of live Saturn Retrograde affects during 2018 in relation to your zodiac sign and what you can concentrate on to greatly improve your present and future!

I will also begin to cover aspects of Magick that will be extremely beneficial for you according to your zodiac. So, if you plan to do spell work but not sure which spells you want to be cast, then my wisdom below can serve you beneficially. But more on that and “how, what, where?” will be covered below… Or you can just contact me if you want to…

Here is what this retrograde is calling you to do according to your zodiac sign astrology:

Aries – you may get Karmic hit because you used your competitive energies without much of consideration towards others. Learning collaboration and teamwork will be your key. If you want Magick to be done, then you must do Mars spell for achieving your goals easily and effortlessly without hurting others. After doing Mars planetary spell, get ready to win all competitions easily – yet, for the highest Good Of All! This will set you as an example and being a true leader!

Taurus – you will be called to realize that being too emotional, sensitive and too compassionate is not the greatest aspect. That’s because you procrastinated in your professional arena. Also, you will realize that the magnet of your emotional pain may be deeply hidden in your trait of being too sensitive while avoiding responsibility. Balance is the key! Your spell is Money Drawing spell! It must help you with career and getting more money!

Gemini – you need to work on your communication Karma. Gemini, you’ve been blessed with a great gift – communication and you are very convincing! Yet, you use this gift for lies and deception. You must work on your honesty and building trust with yourself. Also, relationships is something you want to think of. If you are deceptive in relationship(s), you must change. Your Spell is Mercury Planetary Spell for communication and safely telling the truth. Remember: bitter truth is better than sweet lies.

Cancer – you need to drop down a lot of emotional baggage and stop clinging towards past misfortunes. Otherwise, life has a very hard time to propel you forward. Yet, future is something you may be afraid of. It is a time to drop your fears and begin living! You are compassionate, emotionally intelligent and understanding towards others – but, isn’t it time to be like that towards yourself? Your spell is Moon planetary spell for excellent use of emotions and clearing emotional garbage! Let the new blessings shine on you!

Leo – ok, life may hit you with the Karma because you abused your charisma. You used it to get things easy and there is nothing wrong with that. But you know that you used to get things easy by using the sneaky ways. Same applies for getting information from others for whatever not-so-good purpose. What’s your Spell? It is Protection spell for security, which will also help you be guarded against misfortunes and heavy judgements of others. Isn’t something you deeply fear?

Virgo – your self-esteem will need some serious attention. See, here is the problem: due to perfectionism and low self-worth, you’ve been procrastinating a lot and did not use your talents. Not using your talents in a productive, constructive way is like a sin and bad Karma. Either you will change or you may begin to move towards the road of misery. What’s your Spell? It’s Victory Magick Spell! One of the most powerful spells I ever casted! Why? Because you start to feel good enough and you just get what you want!

Libra – it’s not that you are irresponsible, it’s just you are used to smooth life direction. You don’t spend much time evaluating the future. Also, you don’t spend much time thinking how you can contribute to this World. Finally, your finances need attention too. Luxury is great but you also need to develop a solid financial plan. Make sure you balance finances and relationships well. What’s your Spell? It is Aphrodite Magick Spell to increase your charm, sexiness, love, balance, money, beauty and gain more wisdom!

Scorpio – if you lived most of your life on the dark side, hiding your true emotions, misleading people, abusing people for your personal gain and if you did not pay attention to your Spiritual health, then it can greatly reflect on your emotional body. Put it this way: either you begin self-improvement or you will be forced to. Scorpio, dark side is not the only side! Light is actually beautiful! What’s your Spell? It is Neptune Astrological spell to help you discover yourself and have a deep, mystic, interesting and enlighting Spiritual journey!

Sagittarius – lack of responsibility and lack of respect towards others can be devastating during 2018 Saturn Retrograde for you. Sudden money loss can creep in. You need to seriously learn how NOT to use your care-free behavior to hurt others. Maybe you don’t even think that you do… But open your eyes! Looks how it looks from the side. What’s your Spell? It is Uranus Astrological Spell cast for Greater Freedom. It will greatly help you move in life to achieve the impossible… if you will consider feelings of others!

Capricorn – well, Capricorn, you are the one who will be affected by 2018 Saturn Retrograde the most. You probably know that Saturn is your ruling planet. What’s your sin? Usually, it is your rigidity. It can be positive or negative. But look, it is not cool if you blame people for something they did not do with the deepest conviction and tell lies to others. What’s your Spell? It is Banishing spell to banish away negative influences and set counter-influence and counter mind-control. This way you’ll think before you judge deeply.

Aquarius – you love freedom and this is great. But do you consider other people? For example, you may be punished for lying in your relationship because you “just have to”. If you are dating someone more conservative and maybe even jealous, you have to talk to the person and reassure them that your free-Spirited attitude doesn’t bring lies and you aren’t deceiving. You aren’t, right? If you can’t be honest with others and yourself – expect a major self-identity crisis! What’s your spell? It is Uranus Astrological spell for getting truth, wisdom and reinforcing your identity!

Pisces – trust, trust, trust… Pisces, are you on some sort of escape road? Escape from your relationships and career? You know why it all feels so uneasy? Because due to your insecurities, you don’t trust yourself. It’s your right to be moody but don’t hurt other people with your moods. Otherwise, you become like an emotional vampire. What’s your spell? Actually, you need three of them this time: Neptune Astrological Spell, Protection Spell and Uranus Astrological spell. What for? To connect Spiritually to ever-abundant energy and wisdom-solution Universal sources, protect yourself against harm of all kind and for super strong self-identity!

Now you may say: “But wait, Master PlutoCraft, what if I too want all this love, money and suer-strong self-identity??? But I am not THAT zodiac sign?”

Then you must still go for it! You must absolutely go for it! Remember that above, I told you to stop procrastinating. And also, I told you that these are just major points of reference. You must go for what you want no matter what your zodiac sign is!

Also, know that 2018 Saturn Retrograde mostly affects areas of relationship, money and self-identity along with Karma for all zodiac signs! Therefore, Astrology for this Saturn Retrograde is a great point of reference, but NOT a law!


What Does Saturn Rule And How Else Does It Affect You During This Retrograde, As Well As All Future Saturn Retrogrades?

I told you above that we will get to the topic of what Saturn planetary energies rule in your every day life.

Here are the aspects: time, Karma, parenthood, family, structure, organization, past-lives, permissions and restrictions (yes, just like parents when you were a child), skin, sustainability, energy levels to some extend in conjunction with Mars, rigidity, security, difficulties, respect, wisdom, emotional flexibility, frustrations, honesty, discipline, assurance, property, misfortune, life lessons, oaths, poverty, scandal, depression, isolation, fame, longevity, extreme wealth as opposition to poverty, realism, self-employment, business…

And there is so much more…

But how do you get the best out of Saturn?

Well, it all greatly depends on 3 main factors: your behavior, your attitude and your Karma.

Karma is being the biggest one! Of course, your attitude and behavior greatly contribute to Karma just like Karma makes things happen which contributes to your attitude and behavior.

And that may remind you of some vicious cycle when you ask yourself: “why do these things, or even same things keep happening to me again and again?”

Or some people ask this question: “why do bad things happen to good people?”

Usually, both of these questions relate to Karma. Or mainly, to past-life and ancestral Karma, to be more exact. But they are not fully limited to those two Karma types as well as Karma itself.

However, I can assure you that I already witnessed too many times to prove it again that improving your Karma even a bit dramatically improves your life for the best!

Finally, speaking of Saturn and wisdom, planet Saturn is heavily linked to King Solomon in the Bible. And we sure use the wisdom of King Solomon in Magick as well. For example, I cast King Solomon spells to help students pass exams, gain massive wealth, be very wise and confident in decision-making and become superior business leaders.


How To Avoid Heavy Karmic Hits During 2018 Saturn Retrograde Using 7 Proven Ways!

Ok, promised you above that I will present you with my favorite 7 ways on how to avoid heavy Karmic hits. They are my favorite because they always work!

This Saturn retrograde is not a joke. It definitely will bring some major devastation to a lot of people’s lives. And a lot of it can be unexpected, yet – totally avoidable.

So, seriously consider to stop procrastinating and use my 7 favorite proven ways to avoid heavy Karmic hits. At the same time – you will begin to perfect your Karma and you will invest in your Karma! Next Saturn retrogrades will be a breeze! And your life can be too! So, the choice is yours…

Here are my 7 proven and time-tested ways:

  1. Evaluate where you are “missing” and do something good in that department! For example, if you used to lie a lot – then you know it. Begin to tell the truth as much as you can. Also, teach others to tell the truth. If you stole money – try to return it. If you can’t – donate money as much as possible, yet, never hurting yourself financially. You can always do something about your known past mistakes!
  2. Do a Saturn Spell – either yourself or let me do one for you! The intention of this spell is to honor Saturn, cleanse the Karma, ask forgiveness and move on! Remember Donald Trump’s formula above? Show up. Do your job. Do your job good! Leave. That’s it! Just do this Saturn spell or let me do it for you and move on with your life!! Besides, you can always ask Saturn to deliver you what you want and more often than not – it does! All you need to do is know HOW to ask Saturn and work with Saturn.
  3. Clear all sorts of Karma with A Prayer That Always Works! And ask for more! Ask for anything that you desire! No, this is not just a catchy title… The reason I called it A Prayer That Always Works is because so far, I never seen this magnificent prayer fail. Sometimes it works slow and sometimes it works with super speed, delivering you results much faster than you expected. But no matter what – it always works!
  4. Determine what you want and get it without hurting others, including yourself! Remember that we talked about procrastination during 2018 Saturn Retrograde? Procrastination is bad Karma. Period. But getting what you want and hurting others or yourself during the process is also bad! First, you must determine what you want which is already a HUGE plus!
  5. Second, determine how you will get what you want. The keyword in here is “how”. It applies to your behavior. In the past, you probably thought that a lot of ways to get what you want will either cost you or others. You want higher salary? Someone must be left behind on promotion… It’s you or them… You want that cute girl? Then you must charm her but you have to put a mask on… Get the idea? From now on, determine a solid plan on how you’ll get what you want with win-win attitude!
  6. Use Magick! SERIOUSLY! Here are unlimited ways how you can use Magick to solve all your Karma problems, avoid Karmic hits, solve procrastination problems and get what you want! I invite you and strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with my Magick Catalog of spells, services and other resources! I have wealth there for you – literally! And if you need something, you can always contact me for a free consultation! I would love to help you!
  7. Finally, listen to your intuition. This is a very powerful way to avoid Karmic hits and get out from the mess. Also, if you become non-judgemental, open-minded, trusting, begin to try something new, become not-so-quick to dismiss opportunities- then Universe will deliver you miracles! Also, learn Spirituality! For example, read my PlutoCraft Magick Blog and blogs of others. For example, I like to read Joe Vitale’s Blog. I love to create though-provoking and emotional posts that boost intuition and logic! Joe loves to do the same! And there are other great authors who boost your inner intelligence.
Read My Exciting And Inspiring Story And Let God Inspire You Too – No Matter How Tough Life Seems To Be! Even If Saturn Retrograde Or Whatever Else Gets The Worst Out Of You – You Can Always Contact Me!

You never know what kind of exciting Spiritual journey this will lead you too! Look, when I had Karmic issues, I could not understand why I had problems. I had to heavily clear past-life and ancestral Karmic “stuff”. But not a long time ago, I could never even imagine that I will own such a massively powerful website as PlutoCraft

Then, after I built it from scratch and around $25.00 investment for domain and cheap hosting, it became to grow because I applied exactly same principles I am teaching you now.

Because I proudly serve people with best intent, Universe and people are on my side. This means that I always have an over-abundance of clients and business. I’m not telling you all of this to impress you, I am telling you all of this to impress upon you that I am a right teacher because I’ve done it! I teach by example only! And I teach only “take-it-to-the-bank” things that are time-tested, perfected by me, retested many times again and are proven to work!

I like to invent and perfect. Universe loves perfection. Perfection is not perfectionism, even though I think I get there as well sometimes. But still…

After PlutoCraft was opened and I became to serve people with Magick, I casted a spell to boost my psychic powers. That gave me a 2-nd place in competition in Atlanta. Keep in mind that it was my first or 2-nd year reading Tarot and I was competing against psychics who had over 17 years of experience on average.

But I still got my close to 94% of psychic accuracy at that time while average psychic accuracy is known to be at around 60%. In case you wonder what that spell was, it is Can I Make You Psychic? spell that I began to offer to public. It’s exactly same spell. I now train psychics.

Then, I learned Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. If you would only know how much it helped me and my clients, as well as how many “impossible” things I resolved. Medical issues, legal, business, relationships, reconciling people who broke up, real estate sales, car sales, personality changes, psychic defense to name a few areas I worked a lot of super-successful cases on…

Then, I heavily learned Remote Viewing as a tool to create win-win situations. That helped many people! For example, this one girl loves this one boy but he… You know how it goes… I Remote View what the boy loves and tell the girl… Soon, he is hers. Not by force, but because she becomes appealing to him. And usually, it is small things like: he is attracted to jean shorts and pink t-shirt to a girl who acts sexy and confident. He is not attracted to a “librarian” type who is shy yet passive-aggressive. See how it goes? Easy!

Then, she changes few things with herself and he is hers. A lot of times, it fixes broken marriages and relationships where divorce seems to be the only option. It’s because someone who know how to Remote View and Influence can understand needs and wants of another person better than that person! Better yet, they can be easily expressed.

Now, these skills also greatly serve me in Case Diagnostics for Magick cases and all other human needs, wants and desires. This helps to correctly select the best spell types, determine correct casting times and execute Magick spells for maximum speed, efficiency and best results. Others just cast spells hoping they will work, I cast spells knowing the accuracy of results in advance. Others cast generic spells, I always determine the best customized spell solution for every individual needs and easily modify energies at any time. See the differences?

Later, I listened to Divine, stoped procrastination and went to the lake in Alabama, and wrote my best selling ebook – A Prayer That Always Works. I am glad that Universe allowed me to share this secret with public and now anyone can use such a powerful prayer that really always works. So far, I have five ebooks and reports offered – some are free, some are paid. Check them out here. I recently published How To Attract A Soulmate Special Report. By the way, that method always works too because I never saw it fail.

And there was so much more in between. It was so much that it’s even hard to comprehend. I feel like I can write a “Harry Potter” series on my own and I am not joking you even a bit.

But the bottom line is this: I survived many retrogrades. You survived many retrogrades. It’s just how will you deal with your life? Let this Saturn Retrograde be a blessing for you, even if others view it as some curse.


Final Conclusion On Saturn Retrograde In Capricorn In 2018 Is Somewhat Intimate Between You And Me

Let me share the most intimate secret that’s like a “survivor factor” for this Saturn Retrograde…

The secret is simple: it is taking planned action.

The keyword is taking.

Not planning and then procrastinating.

Either you want to achieve your goals, reconcile a relationship with your ex (and here is another secret – most people break up due to Karmic issues), start a new business, do something good, use Magick, get a Tarot reading to improve your life, listen to guidance of the Universe or whatever it may be… Take action!

2018 Saturn Retrograde is in Capricorn, remember?

We talked so much about it. But I want to convert talking into doing.

Some people say “But I don’t know what I want” – and let me tell you – that is a grand self lie.

Some say “But I don’t know how to get what I want” – and that is either a lie or confusion. In either case, I can pull some Tarot cards for you.

And some people say: “I know what I want but I’m too lazy to get it” – well, great! If you take action on casting a spell, Universe will deliver. It’s the same principle “Ask And It Is Given!”

After you begin to get what you want, after you get some Karma cleansing and repair – life will become more and more exciting for you!

You need to realize something and get it deeply ingrained in your mind: with Magick, Remote Viewing, Prayers and so many other metaphysical means – nothing is impossible! The only limitations are in your mind! And if you read this post carefully, then you know that Saturn rules limitations…

Of course, during 2018 Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn, especially in Capricorn – these limitations may increase.

But now you know how to become the ultimate, unlimited YOU! And all of that – during Saturn Retrograde!




Master PlutoCraft