Master PlutoCraft – CRAZY?

Interview by Stephanie P. - U.K. Writer And Journalist

Master PlutoCraft was interviewed about his life story. It was not always the case when he was rich, famous and his life was in harmony.

He did work as taxi driver making very low income. He did have major life difficulties that would drive many people crazy.

Then, Master PlutoCraft discovered Magick and used it for himself. After he saw tremendous results, he began to help other people.

His first case was one of the hardest cases for a new Magick practitioner - to reconcile a very damaged relationship. He had to put his reputation on the line and did the best he could. As a result, couple got happily married within just 6 months.

He faced many intense challenges in Magick and engaged in Magick wards with other practitioners to keep his status. Winning every single war, he gained immense confidence in Protection Magick.

Master PlutoCraft later engaged in his favorite Magick type - Business Magick! And that also covers Money Magick.

He later went and figured out a formula on how to make Custom Spells work.

Then, Master PlutoCraft worked on increasing speed of results for his clients. He developed a spell, called Mercury Magick Speed Spell to speed up the results.

And he also developed a spell called Pluto Inevitable Change Love Spell. With it's power, he is able to get an ex back as inevitable change, which beats all circumstances! Basically, name says it all!

Hire Master PlutoCraft to do work for you and you'll never look back! His quality of work and intensity to help you succeed are unmatched by anyone in the industry!

You can look and test others but remember - you will still come back to Master PlutoCraft because there is a reason why he is called 5 Star Magician!

A Prayer That Always Works

What Does Stephanie, U.K. Writer And Journalist, Writes About Master PlutoCraft Books - And A Prayer That Always Works?

A Prayer That Always Works... A Best Seller that gets attention again and now - from journalists!

Stephanie P., UK journalist who does work for PlutoCraft got really intrigued by this massively powerful eBook!

And other eBooks written by Master PlutoCraft... Because all of them are written from the heart to help YOU!

Stephanie got so intrigued by overall PlutoCraft experience, because even working for PlutoCraft is magic!

This is what Stephanie has to tell you:

"At PlutoCraft we know that a happy client is an informed client – that's why we want to keep you up to date on our Magick services and how you can take advantage of them.

We get a lot of requests from clients asking for teaching – but unfortunately, we do not have the resources at this moment in time to provide one-to-one teaching for all of our clients. We are working on it!

We also know that our clients themselves lead busy lives. For these reasons we've decided to offer you our eBooks – so you can dip in and out and learn in your own time. And of course, A Prayer That Always Works too!!!

PlutoCraft offers a range of books to cater to your curiosity, desire to learn and your Magick practise.

If you are a beginner in the craft or at a more intermediate level, we aim to provide quality books specifically designed to help you get a better understanding of Magick, and to perfect your craft with a little more practise.

If you want a quick and easy start in different areas of Magick then you will find the extensive experience of the PlutoCraft team in the pages of these books.

Whether you want to know what to do After Ordering Magick, how to successfully reunite with your ex, or how to cleanse your Karma through prayer, we’ve got you covered with these simple and sometimes free PDF’s that can be downloaded straight to your computer.

We offer books in areas of Magick including;

  • Reunification Magick - FREE
  • Become Psychic Now! Tarot and Diagnostic Magick - Just $97.00
  • How To Attract A Soulmate - Love Magick - Just $27.00
  • A Prayer That Always Works - Creating Miracles! - Just $29.95
  • After Ordering Magick - MUST KNOW SECRETS - FREE

Complete list of all eBooks from Master PlutoCraft is here.

Yes, we do have your most desired miracle-creating, best-selling book “A Prayer That Always Works” by our own Master PlutoCraft – Yevgeniy Grytsenko.

So, if you are looking to dip your toe in the waters of Magick – look no further than PlutoCraft’s selection of eBooks. And Magick Services too... Along with massive amount of products from PlutoCraft Magick Store.

You will need a PDF reader to view these eBooks. We recommend the free Adobe Acrobat Reader."

Stephanie P. - Writer And Journalist At PlutoCraft

P.S. Waste no time! Control Your Destiny Or Someone Else Will! - Master PlutoCraft! Therefore, get your copy of A Prayer That Always Works and witness miracles staring TODAY!

Your Self Image Imacts Speed Of Magick

Self Image

Your SELF IMAGE And MAGICK - Let's Talk About It!

Self Image defines and limits your possibilities. So, what is this thing called Self Image?

It is a complex picture of who you are, what you are capable of and what you deserve, nit out of what you've been told about yourself by others, by past experiences, including childhood experiences and your beliefs that you've developed about yourself.

It is also a programmer of your serveral mechanism, which controls all of the powers of your subconscious mind.

And even if you are consciously aspired to a particular goal, and if that goal is in conflict with information your Self Image has on file as the truth about you, the Self Image will not pass that goal along to the serveral mechanism as a work order.

Now, do you understand how it slows down Magick results?

Let's look at quick example.

Let's assume that you want to reconcile a relationship with someone you love. You come to me and order Love Magick...

But then, after I fire all the work for you, even before you begin getting results, your Self Image sends a signal to your subconscious mind to delay the results.


Well, there can be many reasons why. Again, remember what we talked about earlier. For example, you may hold a belief that you are not worthy that boy/girl, for whatever reason.

Because of that, my Magick will first need to overcome your Self Image. And that takes time. It will begin to heal your Self Image and it will begin to force it to change.

How much healing and change is needed? Again, it depends. The darker the picture you have in your Self Image, the more healing is needed.

And the more healing is needed, the longer your results can take.

But on the other side, as soon as your Self Image gets sufficient healing – you will be ready to accept results from my Magick. And they will usually manifest within three days.

What can you do to speed up healing of your Self Image?

Here are several things you can do:

  • Email me about this issue and I will be able to diagnose your Self Image for whatever area of life you want: love, sex, money, health, self, connection to God, you name it...
  • Use A Prayer That Always Works to begin healing your Self Image or boost my healing process for even greater speed.
  • Research about Self Image and work on it yourself.

Which Candle Spells are used to heal your Self Image?

Before you jump straight to Magick spells, you need to understand that there is no one single approach to it. It is a complex issue that requires careful evaluation.

Usually, the best way to go about it is to get a diagnostic done using my Case Diagnostic process. Then, I will “prescribe” you a ritual or a candle spell(s) that you need based on what comes up from the diagnostic. That is the fastest, most accurate and reliable way I use.

However, there are three main Candle Magick Spells used to heal your Self Image:

Sometimes, when a deep and intense transformation of your Self Image is needed, a combination of Pluto, Sun and Moon candles are used in conjunction and are fired all at once on the Full Moon. That's if your life seems to be dark or you feel like you are very stuck.

But again, it is better if you just email me for a free consultation and I will be able to help you with your Self Image by a dedicated way.

After that, not only will you get much, much better and faster results from Magick – but your life will magically improve too!

Don't delay.

Don't second guess.

Don't doubt.

Act now! Email me for your free consultation and just let me know that you may need some help with your Self Image!

Why Kemerovo, RUSSIA is important to PlutoCraft

Kemerovo, Russia

Kemerovo, Russia...

On March 26-th, 2018 a big tragedy happened in Kemerovo.

As Washington Post reports, at least 64 people - many are children - were killed in a fire at the shopping mall. The Moscow Times reveals more detailed statistics.

We hold prayers for Kemerovo, Russia, it's people, victims, relatives of victims, witnesses and... I don't even know what to say much...

But why Kemerovo is so important to PlutoCraft?

Many of you don't know that for me, it all started in Kemerovo...

This is the place which introduced me to Magick. It introduced me to the seriousness of Magick. Who I am today - a huge credit goes to Kemerovo.

All the benefits that I am able to provide to people - huge credit goes to Kemerovo.

Kemerovo, Russia

Located near Novosibirsk, in the Siberian region, it is a very magical land. A land where real shamans, magicians and Spiritualists openly practice the arts of Magick, healing and enlightenment.

It is a place worth visiting.

And with that said, now you know why Kemerovo is very important to PlutoCraft.

How To Achieve Impossible Goals With Magick And Use Of A Victory (Mars) Spell

Impossible Goals

How To Achieve Impossible Goals With Magick And Use Of A Victory Spell

If you look close at your life, you will notice that you achieve some goal on autopilot. You don’t even think of them much. You just do it. For example, when you return home from work, you may remember that you need to buy a loaf of bread. You stop at the store and just get it. Goal achieved.

You may also notice that some goals require more effort. For example, you may recall a goal of getting your diploma. You had to go to college or university and put significant effort to achieve it. But, at the end – goal achieved.

And then, you have some goals that seem to be impossible to achieve. Be it making more money or attracting love – some of your goals just seem out of reach. So, how do you achieve the impossible?

There are 3 main strategies that I personally know to achieve such goals. I never saw anyone present these strategies. They are very simple, yet most people take more complex route and distance themselves further away from their goals.

So, what are these “impossible to possible” strategies? Here they come:

  1. Identify an alternative route. This is a big one! Most people think there is only one way, maximum two to achieve the goal. The more “impossible” it seems, the less ways people see.For example, someone who wants more money may think that the only way to get it is to be promoted at work. Someone who wants a new girlfriend may think that first, they need to kill shyness. Someone who wants to get better grades at school may think that the only way to get it is to become smarter. You get the idea…But Universe does not necessarily work that way. The realm of magic and miracles loves to surprise people with new ways that are so close to someone that they are being overlook due to complexity thinking.

    As you meditate on other ways to achieve your goals, you may come up with alternative solutions. For example:

    To get more money, someone just needs to be open to whatever good opportunities to attract money. One of the ways is to share your experience on the Internet and get paid for it. There are always a plenty of customers.

    Or maybe it would make sense to slowly start going what you love and get paid for it. A great way to identify your passions and monetize them! At the same time, you will be living much more passionate life!!!

    Or what if it is a time to get into Magick and fire a Jupiter candle for money increate? Or maybe you are called to fire a Money Drawing candle?

    Someone who seeks a new girlfriend may not need to kill shyness.

    Instead, maybe, they would want to go for shy or shyer girls instead. Why not? They are so cute!

    Or maybe that person needs to identify a root of shyness. Instead of killing shyness, why not work with it? Identify the root, become aware why you are shy and then – shyness will begin to disappear on it’s own.

    Why not turn shyness into a dating asset to begin with? Why not simply approach girls and be comfortable that you are shy – and tell them straight away “Hey, I like you and…I’m shy…” Sure, you may get rejections just like anyone does, but if you would only know how much women love sincerity. You may make a lot of female friends and ultimately, get your special girlfriend!

    Someone who wants to get better grades does not necessarily need to become smarter.

    Build better relationships with teachers J

    Become more attentive and aware during classes. Observe information. Become interested in the subject.

    And finally, why not do two of these things together and move to the first seating row of the classroom, which is proven way to get better grades overall?

    Do you now see how coming up with alternative ways works? Stop clinging to the “only way” and explore new and exciting opportunities! There may be much more ways than three ways! You may come up with five or ten ways to achieve your goal once you engage into this practice!

    And yes, it WORKS! It works extremely well!

  2. Ok, second way is to take your large “impossible” goal and to break it into smaller pieces. Having alternative ways helps!So, let’s take attracting a new girlfriend as an example. To a shy person, this may seem an impossible goal. But as we find alternatives and break it into smaller pieces, looks how easy it becomes when I guided someone though this process and show you an example:- I realize that shyness itself is not a natural state of mind for me. I realize that it comes from something.

    - As I think deeper, feeling some tensions, I realize that it comes from some sort of emotional depravation

    - As I go deeper, my mind takes me back to the childhood. As I concentrate on my childhood, I notice how I had a lot of tension as a child. The tension comes from a feeling that I experienced… A feeling when my mother was denying me certain things.

    - I now vividly recall a situation… When I was five years old, I asked my mother to buy me a toy car. She denied my request to punish my bad behavior… I did not get a toy car and I felt a lot of feelings of embarrassment and sadness… Sadness comes from a feeling that I am a “bad boy” and make my mother upset. Like, I am not good enough. How can I even ask for a toy car if I am not good enough? I do not deserve it…

    - But in my adult reality, I realize that I was just a child. It has nothing to do with being good or bad. Kids do different things, they do not have much reason. I realize that I do deserve the toy car! And I realize that I AM good enough! There is no need for feeling low self-deservingness! And there is no need to feel shy during asking for something!

    - Therefore, I no longer feel shy asking a cute girl out. I now feel confident approaching girls. Even those that I do not know!

    - I perfectly understand that I will get rejections. This is normal. Everyone gets them, no matter what their personality is! In fact, they are fun! Rejections have absolutely nothing to do with me not deserving that girl. Maybe she is dating someone. Maybe she is just having a bad day. Maybe she will say “NO” today but will say “YES” tomorrow! Who knows where all of this will take me!

    - I am now excited to approach at least one girl that I don’t know on the street and ask her to exchange phone numbers!

    - I now see that I actually do have a circle of potential girlfriends that are already in my immediate surrounding. It’s just in the past, I had low self-esteem and found all the reasons and excuses why they will say “NO” to me!

    - I now develop a “rejection plan”. If, in the past, as soon as she says “NO” – I would accept it as the answer, now I turn it into a challenge. I will ask her “Why not?” and will playfully use my witty mind to playfully challenge her “NO”. I will turn it into an opportunity to seduce her with my newly increased level of self-confidence! In fact, I know that people love to be seduced!

    - I will keep a journal and will track my success. I will look for patterns. I will escalade on successful patterns and will eliminate failure patterns. I will write down my thoughts and feelings by carefully observing them. I will look if there are any additional blockages.

    - I may get an Attraction Candle Spell to help me! Magic works miracles! I will be superior in the front of my competition and they will not understand how I am able to do it so easily! My friends will wonder how I went from being lonely to suddenly surrounded by beautiful girls all the time! Next time we go to a bar, I am the one who gets attention!

    - I am excited to try even more new venues of getting a new girlfriend! Or… Is it girlfriends by now?

    Ok, do you see how an “impossible” goal was broken into a series of small, achievable tasks brought massive results and success?

    And let me tell you – it did!

  3. Finally, in order to achieve what seemed to be impossible goal, it is a wise decision to boost it with Magick.But how exactly?My favorite formula is a two candle spell combination.

    First, I select an appropriate candle for my goal achievement. It will already give me a massive edge.

    In my PlutoCraft Magick Shop, I offer a selection of Candle Spells for pretty much every need: love, money, protection, psychic abilities, goal achievement, you name it! And I have a full line of Astrological Spells that also work for pretty much any goal – they are beyond effective!

    Then, to secure my success even further, I fire such spell with a combination of a Victory Candle Spell! Now, that’s what I call POWER!

    Victory Candle Spell truly puts my Magick beyond all resistances, blockages and obstacles! It is MASSIVE ENERGETIC MEGA BOOST!

    And finally, I let go. I do not dwell on how and when I will receive my results. I know that the less dwelling I do, the faster and better my results come.

    That’s it! So simple!

    Goal achieved!


How long does Magick take to work? Secrets of speed explained.

Speed Of Magick

Many people ask me a question:

"How long does it take for Magick to work?"

Even though there are general time frames for Magick taking effect, the correct question should be different:

"How long would it take for Magick to work for me and in this particular situation?"

Let's cover both aspects, so you get a clear understanding about speed of Magick.

Let's take a very practical scenario as an example:

36-year-old male (let's call him Josh) orders a spell to find a job. It happens to be that the Moon is waning and Mercury retrograde is right in the middle. He pays for his spell, sends all his details and... now what?

When could Josh expect his results?

Technically, Josh can expect his results from the moment he placed an order for the spell. Yes, even though the actual spell work did not start yet, things did start to move in general. We noticed many times that a lot of people start seeing signs after they place an order and before we even start the work. We have some mojo! No joke.

Ok, even though Josh can expect results right away, the question still remains - when, according to general Magick rules, can Josh expect results?

Let's calculate...

The first thing, as Magicians, we need to determine WHEN to cast Josh's spell. Casting a spell to find a new job on Waning Moon when Mercury is retrograding is not a good idea. Even though we do have powerful tricks to overcome unfavorable Moon phases and harsh Astrological times, we would still prefer to do it in harmony with the Universe.

Usually, it would take about a week or so to get to the better Moon phase. Since we can't wait months for Mercury retrograde to end, and there is absolutely no need anyways, we will proceed with the spell work as soon as Moon enters the New phase.

Let's just assume it will take a week.

Now we have to do what's called a 7-day candle. Name says it all - this candle will be dressed and blessed for Josh to find a new Job, special energy input will be made, strong powers will be added and it will be good to go. It will go for 7 days. So, this is another week.

Now the candle is burned and finished. 7 days has passed. But spells take about one Moon cycle to take effect (that's about 30 days, or 29.5 to be exact).

The total time comes to 6 weeks, or 45 days...

But that's for just one, "simple" spell.

What if someone, instead of having a job, decides to get filthy rich and attract wealth??? In that case, one spell isn't enough. We would have to do a whole series of rituals. And what if that someone has some sort of energetic interference (curse, evil eye, hex, etc) on their money?

That would take longer than 6 weeks. It can take up to 6 months or so!

Some people get very discouraged because they have this Harry Potter idea of Magick. Just swing the wand and money will drop from the sky.

But how Master Plutocraft said: "We are not a drive-through of Magick." This means that if you want "instant results for cheap" because you are impatient and ignorant to learn couple of things for your own good, you can go somewhere else.

See, there is an over-abundance of all kinds of "spell casters", "mamas", "papas", "doctors" and you name it out there, who will promise you ANYTHING you want to hear, and will GLADLY take your money. And if you still don't get the job? Oh, then "there must be a curse on you" which, of course, takes more money to "remove it".

Try it yourself!

Ok, back to business.

What if someone really needs their results fast?

We do speed up our work as fast as we can. And a lot of times, our clients do get results way faster than expected. But we won't sacrifice speed for quality no matter how much someone wants it.

However, what we can do is add additional Magick called "Speed Magick". This is something we invented on our own from years of experience and the countless spells that we did.

But Speed Magick comes at a monetary price. We do not do it for free. We do it as an addition to the Magick ordered and it is a different branch of Magick.

Would Speed Magick make things happen instantly?

Usually, no.

But it does help a lot to speed things up.

And it also helps to remove obstacles faster.

It can also serve as a great "life-saver", especially when it comes to Love Magick. For example, it can help to avoid some things that someone would not want their loved one to do (like going on dates with other people). Or it can greatly decrease amounts of dates as well as their passionate intensity.

It can also help people break up faster.

It has its own benefits besides just speed because it utilizes several Astrological elements.

But generally, patience is your best key to victory.

You know why?

Let me explain...

When someone says "I need my results fast", what they are unconsciously saying is "I don't trust. That's why I want to see my results with my eyes, so I know it is working."

So, in reality, more often than not, it is the trust issue.

Now, if someone has trust issues, they are covertly putting off an energy of interference that they are not even aware of. They start to unconsciously block their own success.

When someone orders a spell from us with trust and just lets it all go, that someone starts getting results at immense speed. It was proven over and over again.

Another way to increase speed without paying for it is to look at the good.

Instead of looking at what's wrong, start looking at what's right.

For example, some people who order love work do not hear anything from their ex in months. After spell work is done, their ex starts to text them. But they are dissatisfied with amounts of texts, what is said in texts and so on...

They rapidly start to block their own results by putting off these energies of un-gratefulness and dissatisfaction. Just because their ex does not obsessively text them "I love you and I want to be with you and only you" after months of no contact, it does not mean that Magick is not working.

Magick takes time to develop. Today they may text only once and be cold. Next week they may text 3 times and be warmer. And couple months later, they may think about marriage... But that's all IF someone does not start to mess it all up because things are not happening fast enough for their ego.

So, look at what's working and what's good instead of what's not, because you are a co-creator with Magick.

Now, let's get back to this question:

"How long would it take for Magick to work for me and in this particular situation?"

In reality, this question is nearly impossible to answer. That's because there are hundreds and hundreds of factors involved. Starting from your Astrological chart, going through your ancestral line and ending with some minor things like what you eat for breakfast - and so much more in between - can play on outcome on speed.

But the good news is that a skilled Magician can overcome obstacles. Skill and power from the Magician play a key role in speed.

Patience, understanding and trust from the customer greatly adds to speed.

Imagine this scenario:

Joe wants to get a job. Joe wants to get a high paying job and he wants it fast. Joe has poor qualifications for the job and Joe's favorite hobby is to watch football while drinking beer. Joe does not care about his professional appearance and Joe absolutely does not care to take any action to pass resumes out. In fact, Joe has another hobby - to complain how bad life is and how everything is unfair.

But Joe wants a high paying job fast...

Get the picture?

No matter how skilled and experienced a Magician is, Joe himself is helpless.

In Joe's mind, since he ordered a spell, he should get a high paying job and he should get it quick. That's not how things work.

A line of employers will not line up by Joe's door, auctioning with each other who will pay unskilled Joe the most money. They have more than enough resumes from skilled and qualified individuals coming to them daily.

No spell out there can help this particular situation.

Unless Joe gets out from the couch, gets a professional appearance and gets REALISTIC, he may better save his money for another case of beer instead of ordering spell work.

Same principle applies for pretty much any other case.

If someone does not want to spend 15 minutes a day to work on his confidence, he will not have a line of women begging him for sex.

If someone does not want to remove drama addiction, she will not hold a relationship with that perfect man.

If someone is too proud to see a professional counselor and talk about some childhood issues, he or she will not instantly turn their life 180 degrees around.

And if someone is too ignorant to learn a thing or two on how Magick works, they will not get instant results just because they ordered a spell.

But on the other side, and we see it all the time, people who explore our website, take advice, understand things and are being realistic - they do get their results faster and with much higher quality than they even expected!

Why? Because they do not interfere themselves with what they want to get.

We always do our job to the best of our ability. Do you do yours the same way?

Conclusion: if you have a life situation where you need skilled, powerful and honest Magick work, and when you want your results fast, contact us or even better, get a professional diagnostic so we can start working on your problem right away.

And if you want to learn more about Magick, I highly recommend you explore more of our resources:

How To Order Magick

Discover different types of Magick services that we provide (including Remote Influence and Astrology Reports)

Read about our Custom Spells

Find out how your LOCATION has more energetic influence than you even though by reading your personal Astrology report

And explore our Magick Shop in general! It has a lot of stuff you'll love!

By the way, I also want to encourage EVERYONE to become a super psychic! This will help you one way or another, no matter how you spin it. Take a look at my latest book called Become Psychic Now!

If you ever ordered Magick from someone, check out my FREE ebook called "After Ordering Magick"

Would you like Divine help now, so you can start doing something to get closer to what you want or get rid of what you don't want? Then A Prayer That Always Works is a must-have for you!

Get curious! Explore! Learn!

It is fun and good.

And as you learn all this valuable information, always remember that PlutoCraft always combines speed AND quality!


Master PlutoCraft

Merry Winter Solstice and Saturnalia!

Merry Winter Solstice

Merry Winter SolsticeThe holidays are upon us! This year is flying by with a worldwide collection of challenges. But you're still here, doing your best, and that's exactly what is celebrated this time of year - your strength, courage, abundance and illumination.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice and the Longest Night of the year. It is traditional to light candles and bonfires to symbolically welcome the return of the Sun and the resurrection of traditional Sun deities from all over the world. Personally, you are also honoring the shining light within yourself, your power to illuminate the darkness.

The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia begins December 18th and ends on December 23rd. As you may have guessed, this holiday celebrates the God Saturn (Chronos in Greek), whose energies correspond with the energies of the Winter Solstice.

Houses are cleansed and decorated with evergreens and mistletoe for luck, prosperity, and protection. The scent of cinnamon and spice drifts from the kitchen. Friends and family gather to feast and make merry, generating warmth and light from the heart and throughout the home. A spirit of peace and harmony comes over everything - if you are open to it.

To celebrate, there are some stellar sales for you below.

Blessings and Peace to you and
your loved ones this holiday season.

Plutocraft Shop Holiday Sales!

Global Events & The Unknown

Past Life ReadingsDear Reader,

I know we are living in a dark yet very interesting time and we are all affected by events worldwide, both positive and negative.

Many supernatural activities are currently taking place, for a while now I've been noticing a strange pattern play out.

Each time there is a worldwide crisis in the physical realm, such as natural disasters and war, there is an increase of spirit activity.

Those who are gifted with the ability to see spirits are experiencing more visuals while their psychic abilities increase. Psychic children are feeling it intensely. I'm sending a ton of peace, protection and blessings to them. I can relate, because I have gone through that myself as a psychic kid lol -- you will learn to get used to it, and yes, it does get easier the longer you go with it instead of fighting it.

Each time the balance is disruptive those who are gifted will pick up on this the most and it's never easy. Strength will get you through and we must trust in ourselves and the universe that we will be where we are supposed to be in time.

There's too many people doubting themselves more than ever; my advice is to put yourself in your peaceful place while meditating and tune out the negativity. Follow your passion, go after your dreams. It may have its moments of hardship but never give up. Learn to embrace it and enjoy the ride. Don't be afraid to be happy -- instead of wishing for it, allow yourself to already have it.

There's been interesting archaeological discoveries of ancient history and, our ancestors backgrounds aside, we are all connected to them. I personally don't agree with archaeologists invading tombs, burial sites and moving everything out. There were curses and magick placed for a reason. Those who believe in the power, practice of magick understand how this stuff actually works.

I feel that these events are also causing disruption in the supernatural world. I don't think anyone would want their grave to be distributed, wouldn't that upset you too?

There are tombs with guardians for a reason. In ancient times these guardians gave not just their physical life but their soul to carry out its mission for all eternity. Not too many people these days practice loyalty and swear their soul to protect a grave, etc. I respect the Native Americans who protect their ancestors and let them rest in peace. Many had been encountered by outsiders who wished to dig up the burial sites.

I would love to hear about your stories and experiences, feel free to post them below.

Master Plutocraft