Your SELF IMAGE And MAGICK – Let’s Talk About It!

Self Image defines and limits your possibilities. So, what is this thing called Self Image?

It is a complex picture of who you are, what you are capable of and what you deserve, nit out of what you’ve been told about yourself by others, by past experiences, including childhood experiences and your beliefs that you’ve developed about yourself.

It is also a programmer of your serveral mechanism, which controls all of the powers of your subconscious mind.

And even if you are consciously aspired to a particular goal, and if that goal is in conflict with information your Self Image has on file as the truth about you, the Self Image will not pass that goal along to the serveral mechanism as a work order.

Now, do you understand how it slows down Magick results?

Let’s look at quick example.

Let’s assume that you want to reconcile a relationship with someone you love. You come to me and order Love Magick…

But then, after I fire all the work for you, even before you begin getting results, your Self Image sends a signal to your subconscious mind to delay the results.


Well, there can be many reasons why. Again, remember what we talked about earlier. For example, you may hold a belief that you are not worthy that boy/girl, for whatever reason.

Because of that, my Magick will first need to overcome your Self Image. And that takes time. It will begin to heal your Self Image and it will begin to force it to change.

How much healing and change is needed? Again, it depends. The darker the picture you have in your Self Image, the more healing is needed.

And the more healing is needed, the longer your results can take.

But on the other side, as soon as your Self Image gets sufficient healing – you will be ready to accept results from my Magick. And they will usually manifest within three days.

What can you do to speed up healing of your Self Image?

Here are several things you can do:

  • Email me about this issue and I will be able to diagnose your Self Image for whatever area of life you want: love, sex, money, health, self, connection to God, you name it…
  • Use A Prayer That Always Works to begin healing your Self Image or boost my healing process for even greater speed.
  • Research about Self Image and work on it yourself.

Which Candle Spells are used to heal your Self Image?

Before you jump straight to Magick spells, you need to understand that there is no one single approach to it. It is a complex issue that requires careful evaluation.

Usually, the best way to go about it is to get a diagnostic done using my Case Diagnostic process. Then, I will “prescribe” you a ritual or a candle spell(s) that you need based on what comes up from the diagnostic. That is the fastest, most accurate and reliable way I use.

However, there are three main Candle Magick Spells used to heal your Self Image:

Sometimes, when a deep and intense transformation of your Self Image is needed, a combination of Pluto, Sun and Moon candles are used in conjunction and are fired all at once on the Full Moon. That’s if your life seems to be dark or you feel like you are very stuck.

But again, it is better if you just email me for a free consultation and I will be able to help you with your Self Image by a dedicated way.

After that, not only will you get much, much better and faster results from Magick – but your life will magically improve too!

Don’t delay.

Don’t second guess.

Don’t doubt.

Act now! Email me for your free consultation and just let me know that you may need some help with your Self Image!

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