Magick speed works very differently during Coronavirus, but there are three solutions that I found through trial and tests. I will explain what works and what fails! Read carefully as your destiny depends on it!

This is VERY serious stuff that nobody else wants to tell you! They don’t even know! So, attention, please! This is not a joke at all and the truth is that magick speed changed for years!

YES, Magick speed slowed down these days…

When Coronavirus happened, I was in Poland and I was treating it as a joke. I still do…

But! I noticed a serious problem as it progressed: Magick results began to slow down and some were even “killed”.

At that time, I was already in France and I understood why.

Look at two examples of comparison between Poland and France, and obviously – the USA – that’s where I am from. I know the USA very well, I know the psychology of people better than in any other country. If you are reading this from the USA, Canada, Australia – you will definitely find lots of similarities.

Ok, for example, in Poland – life was nearly normal as Coronavirus hit. I was living in Sopot, Poland and it is a paradise-like beach area. There are a lot of young people, tourists from all over the World, and Polish people who did not really “bite” on fears.

As a result, dating was on an A+ level, freedom was superb, there was no shortage of anything and we were going shopping without masks…

I don’t know any businesses that closed. Even opposite – my Polish friend found an excellent opportunity to make superb healthy food with home delivery to those who wanted to avoid the office. And he was serving offices filled with people, so they did not have to go and buy lunch. My friend is a brilliant investor in the food market.

You get the idea: freedom, no fear, dating, and money. Life was almost it was before.

Even nightclubs were open without any masks and people shared cigarettes (and other stuff)…

Then, France opened borders and I moved there.

At first, I could not realize what’s going on!

People Had Eyes Filled With Fear And Everyone Was Wearing Maks!

Wait a minute…

I just came from Poland where everyone is relaxed…

But in France, the picture was horrifying.

Here are the 17 major negative differences that I noticed – and they are very related to Magick:

  1. Everyone was wearing masks
  2. People had fear in their eyes
  3. Nobody was talking to anyone
  4. At the grocery store, all you get is “Sa va?” – “Merci”
  5. The streets in the tourist and student city were empty! WHAT???
  6. Everyone was keeping distance
  7. You had to wear a mask on the street!!!
  8. There was a curfew (in France??? Excuse me!!!)
  9. My landlord asked me to wear a mask during his visits and he was wearing a mask too!
  10. If you drive a car, you have to drive a car in the mask!!!
  11. I got yelled at once for coming too close to someone – like over a meter close!
  12. Doctor offices were overfilled and my girlfriend found a doctor available within a 30-minute taxi ride!
  13. In France, if you don’t have a family doctor, you are screwed hard – you cannot even get medical insurance.
  14. Basically, it was nearly impossible to see faces!
  15. France seemed like it was at war!!!
  16. And there was so much more of some very nasty stuff!
  17. Including “good luck” getting some documents that you need or opening a bank account...

But here is the deal: I was 3 times in France before and this is how it was… That same list is reversed to how it was before:

  1. Obviously, nobody wore masks and I saw cute, flirty, friendly faces – I am a flirt myself and I fell in love with France!
  2. People were very confident! Fear in France? No, never saw it!
  3. People were very talkative to strangers and each other. I was invited by a couple of girls to hang out at their apartment overnight during 1-hour walk in Paris!
  4. At the grocery stores, chatting was so good that I could easily pick up French language!
  5. The streets were very full and especially in a tourist, student town! Even in small towns like Dieppe! Feel free to make friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, or even hook up with couples – I was offered that too…
  6. Everyone was close physically, mentally, emotionally, and very sexually… Girls were touching me without asking.
  7. Mask? What’s that? What for? Is it Halloween or something?
  8. Curfew? In France? WHAT??? People partied almost 24/7 in Paris!!!
  9. My previous landlord didn’t wear any masks and we rode in her car across Dieppe.
  10. If you drive a car, you keep your eyes on the road and don’t suffocate in a mask. What if you wear glasses? They’s fog!
  11. If I would keep over a meter of distance, people would think I am a weirdo.
  12. When I wanted to go to a French doctor, just make a call and you will get there the same day.
  13. Yes, to get medical insurance in France, you have to have your family doctor. Just walk in any office (before…)
  14. Basically, I saw a lot of faces. Some were busy, some were in a hurry, but in the evening – it was facial sexual radiation!
  15. France was a country of supreme opportunities – whatever you like! From business to the family!
  16. And there was so much more of some very good stuff that I fell in love with it!
  17. Opening a bank account was easy and getting documents was pretty fast. Yes, it is a beurocratic country, but! French people seem slow when they have nothing to do but super quick when needed. I was actually surprised by their speed.

Now Comes The Juicy Part: How It All Affects Magick And What To Do!

Ok, imagine someone comes to me and orders something like:

  • Love spell
  • Money spell
  • Get ex-back spell
  • Get a job spell

Let’s take “Find New Love Spell”. Let’s say I cast it. Sure, the person WILL find love.

But the thing is when in the past, most of my customers were finding new love before their candle was even finished – now they have to wait.


Let’s take France as an example…

Masks. No communication. You can’t even see faces. Tinder is filled with Chinese scammers who pretend to live in France but are “temporarily on the business trip to China”. One was even speaking the “New Zealander language” which does not exist. They speak English.

Then you get the worst: FEAR IN THE EYES OF PEOPLE!

Most people think about how NOT to get Coronavirus, they don’t think about new love and dating.

I noticed that most people became repressed, depressed, lost self-esteem, and felt unworthy – because these are the typical consequences of imposed repression!!! YES! They DREAM about love, but dreaming and action are two different things.

One guy told me during “isolation”: “I wish some girl would come to my door and we would fall in love…”

Umm…. What’s a chance of it happening? It’s something like in the movie Stuck Together, but even there is just a kiss…

Getting a new love with the Magick spell will become harder and slower in those circumstances because people do not feel happy!

Pretty much the same applies to other spells, like getting an ex back, who may be repressed and unknowingly depressed.

For some people, money spells can be an issue. But these spells work generally well, even during Coronavirus.

Yet, getting a job spell can be a bit tricky. With the proper consultation, I can do it.

But here is an example: someone can work as a nurse in some countries and decline immunization. Yet, the hospital requires it. Sorry, but it is not “get a job Magick” that overrides these rules. We need to do a serious Policy Magick and only then, Get A Job Spell. And yes, I did those things very successfully but to override policies with Magick takes a lot of time and about $5,000.00

And yes, I can do Get A Job Spell for something different and it will work.

Ok, you get the idea!

You now understand WHY Magick slows down – because almost everything slowed down!

What Magick Works Well These Days (Quick Recap Before We Go Into Magick Speed):

Here are the spells that work very well these days:

  • Debt-Banishing Spell – Hoodoo
  • Inevitable Change Pluto Love Spell (World’s most powerful Love Spell that I invented)
  • Planetary Astrological Spells because no viruses can override planetary energies. And in those spells, there is a gem, a Holly Grail for these days that I invented earlier – it’s called Mercury Magick Speed Spell!
  • A Prayer That Always Works – it’s not a spell but a definite blessing these days. I wish EVERYONE would have it!!!
  • Wish Granting And Miracles Spells
  • PROTECTION SPELLS – I think everyone needs one these days, especially Archangel St. Michael and Victory spells!
  • And make sure you also check out the 1960’s invention of claimed anti-virus Psychic Kahuna Disks that I perfected for much more power to fight viruses! I walked many times with them into Coronavirus-filled centers without a mask! Nothing happened! But! When I had a Kahuna Disk on me, it was “telling” me: WARNING! THIS PERSON IS CONTAGIOUS! KEEP THE DISTANCE!
  • 5-Star Psychic Attunement Spell to detect lies, cheating and know what others hide from you. You can even build a career of becoming a psychic because I do an A+ Supreme Psychic Attunement! If you want to become psychic now, here is the spell for you!

You can view my full catalog here and we can discuss HOW to make things work for you!


Three Solutions For Magick Speed Results During Coronavirus That Do Not Even Kill Some Spells!

If you’ve been a victim of some spell caster who failed to deliver your results, then I urge you to switch to PlutoCraft right now! I will defend you against them, remove their work as failed spell causes nothing but damage, and do the job right for you! And that’s just a tip of an iceberg!


Ok, these are the top three solutions that I found that speed up Magick in Coronavirus!

  1. Remote Influencing. Yes, that’s right. In some cases, with spell conjunctions, it works miracles with super speed! I use it myself ALL THE TIME and did way over 2,000 sessions!
  2. A Prayer That Always Works. This prayer that I found a long time ago became my best seller. I also invented a special sigil that you can use as additional power and speed. When you get a licensed copy from me, it will work like a miracle! I urge you to keep a journal of how things were before you use it. I urge you to hide that journal and open it a couple of months ago. Me included, and many other people report that ALL wishes were granted – and they even forgot about problems!!!
  3. Finally, a Mercury Magick Speed Spell works the miracles. That’s because planets do not listen to viruses, politics, and such… I invented this spell a very long time ago to boost Magick when it’s an emergency and I tested it during Coronavirus. It’s a true miracle! So, let’s say you want to get your ex back. You can contact me for a free consultation, so we can discuss a proper strategy as each case is different – but! Be ready to get Mercury Magick Speed Spell IF you want results fast!

In fact, as you realize, you can one of these solutions or all three at once! They work in conjunction with each other, attacking your problem from different angles of approach!


And let me tell you something more…

I know that everyone wants results fast…

What I did is, I developed my own, unpublished secrets to speed up Magick on top of everything.

So, even if you do not order any of these extra spells, I’ve got a nice fork behind my sleeve to defend you with power, speed, and intensity…

Every PlutoCraft customer deserves the best and only the best.

When I started PlutoCraft, I dedicated myself to QUALITY, not quantity.

I was even threatened several times for refusing to take new cases because I did not finish perfect work for my customers yet.

Don’t go anywhere else. There is a 99% chance that you will be scammed, will lose money, time and come back to me for Uncrossing Spell Work from a previous “caster” and ask me to do your work because it already happened too many times with other people.

Some other people either bite on lower prices or better promises of what they want to hear.

I am a real person. I will tell you how things are really, without sugar coating. If you are a rational person, you will understand this and we can work to get you success. But if someone loves spaghetti on the ears, they are probably not my customer — that’s how I see it.

Again, Magick Speed SEVERELY Changed During Coronavirus And I Am The FIRST Magician Who Caught It And Published It! All Others Are Still Into “Ancient Magick”, Etc… Come On! Times Have Changed And Magick Always Changes Too!

Therefore, I simply urge you to contact me with any issue you may have. Be it personality, disrespect, feeling depressed, not knowing where to head in life, parents causing problems, your loved girl or boy don’t pay attention to you, be it money issue, be it need of protection, desire for freedom – just contact me and simply tell what bothers you!

It will be MY job to find the BEST and FASTEST solution for you! There can be several solutions you may choose! I will present them all!

Don’t wait…

Don’t hesitate…

Act now!





I also want to say something if other casters failed you and you lost trust… Look… Statistically, finding a real Magician on the Internet is like finding a needle in a haystack… I personally think that there may be 1 legitimate Magician out of 100 on the Internet because I did my research. I see others even copy PlutoCraft and my strategies, using them for evil (scamming people).

It hurts me to see it but I see many of those websites disappear because God takes care of PlutoCraft, me, and all of my customers.

What I am trying to say here is that even if someone scammed you and failed you, there are Angels who can lift you up.

I promise you that you are at the right place, at the right time and you are not here by accident. The Universe itself brought you here. That’s how PlutoCraft works. It’s a very mystical site and there is so much more to it… Nobody can decode PlutoCraft’s mystery. Even when I do Magick, other psychics with many years of experience cannot see it because it’s your protection. For example, if you order Magick to get an ex back and she goes to a psychic… Ouch, right?

And this is just one of the tricks.



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