A Fallen Warrior


Hi guys,

My story is long butt I will make it very short.

I’m an Internet Marketer who lived in USA and made over $1,000.000.00 online. I also used to resell cars on the side and made a very profitable business there (I can write a book). I lived in many states and finally, I ended up in Alabama and I was HAPPY! I’m Ukrainian, living i Alabama and all happy!

Then, my father decided to go to Ukraine to sell his house. My mom goes with him. I go there too and look how horrible living conditions there are. So, I go to Poland, then to France and all happy,…

Then, my parents bought another apartment un Ukraine for a resell and I come to help them with remodeling. Two months later, my father gets a stroke… Hospitals are overfilled with COVID, there is a lack of medical personal. So, I help them (Because I have some medical education from USA too) and my mom is there too.

We both get COVID. And now, my mom is hospitalized too. I am not, but I can barely move. All relatives who likes us hen we gave them money from USA don’t help at all. So, it’s me in a new country with two parents hospitalized. My dad gets in coma…

Then, I get a phone call that my mom died… About 3 weeks later, after my dad got out from come, I get a phone call that he died too…

I buried my parents and as soon as I did – the war starts. This means I cannot leave the country because I have Ukrainian passport.

All my planned Internet Marketing projects went to hell.

I wrote over 8 books that I planned to release and I don’t care anymore.

I saw a doctor for depression and he says that well, it’s very hard what you went through… I got medicine but it doesn’t help much.

Guys, I lost my WHY.

I didn’t even know my WHY. I was happy. And now – nothing matters.

What helps he is to help people. I get happy when someone comes to me for help. do my best and interestingly, my Magick work even better and faster. However, me, I feel empty. Maybe it’s my call to finally release books and fill that emptiness by helping people?

Also, unlike other “always happy” Magicians, I don’t pose. I tell you how I am. I don’t pose that I’m always happy no matter what and that some “voodoo spell” makes me always happy because such thing doesn’t even exist. And the keyword in here is “always”.

So… Maybe someone can help a fallen warrior?

I Know That It’s All Temporary!

Thank you.

Thank you.

And again – thank you!

Contact me here if you have some idea(s)…

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