A Lesson About Anti-Evil Spell. A Customer Wrote To Me That They Cannot Banish Debt And Have Lots Of Problems Because People Always Envy Them!

Anti Evil Spell For Love
Save your love! Don’t become like this!!!

This is what I replied to a letter from the customer:

First, anti-evil spell must be done to almost everyone. And read the full article if you want no evil in your life – ever again!

“Hello Dear (Customer’s name is hidden for confidentiality),

No! You do not need Debt Banishing Spell again. I feel its energies are working.
But look, some people get in debt out of stupidity. That’s when Debt Banishing works well. Some get in debt because of lies, that’s when Debt Banishing works very fast and causes real magic!
But in your case, there is a lot of envy and I feel it. It is VERY dark and evil energy. Like termites, slowly, it eats money, relationships, breaks marriages, destroys businesses, and makes people not truly themselves: aggressive, lying, manipulative…
My parents were victims of that. They are very educated people, my father finished USSR university with Red Diploma (all A+ grades), served in the military with a pass to the 7-th floor of 3-rd Circle of Anti-Air Attack in Moscow (good luck even getting there! But having a pass to the 7-th floor of a city under the city…)
That’s like 1 out of 3,000 might get… And then, the government gave my parents a free 2-bedroom apartment with full ownership in the upscale area. In USSR, you did not have to buy a house or apartment – the government was giving it for free with full ownership IF you work. The more responsible your job is – the better you get.
City Of Moscow 1984 Image
This is how Moscow was in 1980’s Image Reference Link
But a lot of people thought that my parents are lucky. My mother finished college for Quality Control and was hired to work with what’s called the White House in the USA. But they went through hell to get all of that.
Other people would just get some job and do nothing. And those are the same people that envied the “lucky” ones.
By your emails, I can tell already that you are a fighter. Unlike others, you don’t give up!
That tells me even without psychic feelings that others will be envious of you.
It’s so much easier to sit, watch TV and complain, complain, complain and discuss who owns them money and better life.
That’s what most people do and often, beer is involved too. Men’s stomach grows and then he wonders why his wife cheats on him…
So, I strongly feel that the issue that we need to take care of is envy as well.
See, you have an accumulation: envy, problems with job (husband), debt, etc.

But I feel that the ROOT of it is envy!

Yes, we did a Debt Banishing Spell which will work. It fights envy too but it is not its purpose.

So, this is what I would do for myself personally in your case:

# 1 – I would fire an anti-envy work and do the clearing of all those energies
# 2 – Debt Banishing, which is already done
# 3 – Prosperity drawing
# 4 – I would DEFINITELY do anti-envy protections!!! Actually, I would do it right after step 1, so nothings seeps in again! And protect against all other evil.
Sometimes, Magick is the process. And same in my life and many other customers too – sometimes, one spell takes care of all, but sometimes, you need a process because things got too far and out of control.
Let me give you an example: I worked on one case for a German client and he wanted 100% custody of a child. In Germany, that is nearly impossible. It’s more like a miracle. His main obstacle was three female judges who automatically rule for the mother, even though she was a drug addict and possibly invited a pedophile inside the house overnight.
So, I had to do a very lengthy work, fire all three judges (imagine how hard it is to fire a judge!!!), regain correct judges, fix his lawyer’s mind and so much more. As a result, he got full 100% custody and his brother paid him 100,000 Euros that belonged to him from his parents.

So, his Magick fees became an investment. And YES, I also did an anti-evil spell too for him.

But he listened to instructions and it seemed like I was frustrated with speed more than he was.
Patience and most importantly right strategy worked. (Note: Magick is NOT just power, it’s also intelligence. Powerful Magician without intelligence is completely WORTHLESS to the customer).
So, I am suggesting you exactly the same plan as I would do for myself because if envy and jealousy is involved – you are dealing with one of the most malicious energies that’s the same as a curse. It is a curse, called “indirect/semi-direct curse”
Before I was in the Magick, that exact same thing ruined a lot of my relationships and a couple of businesses.
When I engaged in a professional Magick, guess what happened?
Because I became an instant success, many others saw me as a threat, and if you would only know what they tried to do out of envy.
From curses to death spells. And not just one – multiple!
So, one of my first and hardest training was combat evil, defense, and protection. I worked for years to master this and had to invent custom spells.
As a result, one still writes me apology emails. Others got powers suspended because I learned how to suspend the power.
Those that did death spells got barely alive because I did not with them death. One told me that her har almost slid of the bridge and the car lost control for no reason (in Kalamazoo, MI).
After Anti-Evil Spell
After people do evil and anti-evil spell is done for protection, those that purposely did harm, get in depression and so much more. Their sould is never at peace again. It’s sold to the evil.
As you can see, envy is very serious stuff. You may feel like a fish trying to get oxygen through hitting the ice – but ice is too thick. That’s how I felt too. Nothing worked out and I was like a magnet for troubles in the past (before Magick).

No matter how hard I tried – things were getting only worse! Untill… Anti-Evil Spell Finally Kicked In!

I feel that you are not at the same trouble (thanks God!!!) – but still, be very careful because like attracts like.
I very strongly suggest that we take care of this problem first and set very powerful protections.
Everyone I did it for told me that their lives began to improve before I even fired Prosperity Magick!
Again, this is the third time I am giving this suggestion and I would love if you would listen to me, understand it and I would love if I could do this work for you.
I don’t find customers to make sales. I make sales to have customers who can always rely on me!
PlutoCraft is the highest quality Magick service I know because I built it this way.
Before Coronavirus hit and most people got into apathy and depression, I wasn’t even looking for new clients because most of my clients stayed with me for 7+ years and gave referrals. I didn’t even care to redesign the website or market it.
When apathy and lethargy hit the World, a lot of people began to “see no sense to do something because it doesn’t matter anymore”.
That made even me depressed for a while but now, I am taking a new approach to pull people out of ALL kinds of evil – starting from envy (which severely grows these days due to virus!), ending uplifting people’s Spirits (just still cannot figure out WHAT uplifts them, what do they want, how to beat that “I don’t care” attitude, lethargy, depression…).
NOTE: Maybe someone, maybe YOU can give me an idea of what you WOULD love to see on the PlutoCraft??? A new spell? New book? New product? Please share your idea with me because I want to help YOU. I seriously feel stuck because after Coronavirus hit, people just “don’t see the future”. But I want to help YOU!!!

This virus is more of a mental damage virus besides physical.

Speaking of Astrology, these are clearing times! I noticed that anything I do good with Magick works faster and amazing because Astrological planetary energies, which have 2-nd power influence besides our brains help it happen! So, it is perfect timing too!!! I do it myself!!!
You wrote me several emails with these issues and I decided to take time and explain what exactly happens to you!
I hope it will shine a light on your situation and I seriously hope and would LOVE if you would let me fix these problems for you and your husband!
Thank you!”

Words Of Wisdom From Master PlutoCraft On Anti-Evil Spell And Such:

  • FACT: Do not bite the bait of “bad economy”. There are 1,700 new millionaires that appear daily just in the USA alone!
  • SUGGESTION: Because many people feel as victims and I don’t blame them at all, do the anti-evil spell for you. One customer ordered it a long time ago and felt a huge defense when things hit much later! If he would not have that spell, he could easily end up in trouble!
  • WISDOM: To regain positive control, treat the current situation as a “demon”. Put that demon it a parallel reality where it will disappear. You can use self-hypnosis or simply your conscious mind to do that. Or contact me if you have trouble doing that. Your life will massively improve on the same day IF you do it right!
  • HISTORY: Everything ends. This Coronavirus will end too. Instead of being lethargic and depressed, use this time to gain wealth. What do I recommend? Start an online business! What business will work for you? Contact me and we can find out! When it all ends, you can be rich or poor: the choice is yours.
  • PROVEN: Nothing is impossible! Even now! I made a list of goals and despite all obstacles, I was able to get my girlfriend across the Polish border when Americans weren’t even allowed in Europe – all legally, all ethically. Yes, I had to work very hard and very smart on it, and my friends helped me but besides that, we did a lot of impossible. We moved to France when it was a red zone! I prayed and France opened orders for a couple of days – we jumped in!
  • MIRACLE: Anti-evil spell helped me too. When I was in Europe, some very dark force tried to attack me. I know why… Because I serve God, not evil. To be honest, it was scary but I felt safe. My girlfriend felt exactly the same while I wasn’t saying a word…
  • PREDICTION: Serve God and God only! Don’t serve any evil! It will be VERY punishable! No matter how seductive evil may be, no matter how hard it is for you and evil may seduce you for a “better life” – NEVER SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL! It’s a trick! You will severely regret it!
  • DON’T: steal, be envious, angry, blame life, feel injustice, copycat things (I see some “reputable magicians” copy PlutoCraft… And my strategies…). That means I am the Authority and Leader, yet theft will be punished. Don’t cheat on your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend because cheating is a punishable betrayal. You stab a knife in their back! Guess what? I’m 38 NOW AND I NEVER CHEATED ON ANYONE!
  • DO: Become more and more Spiritual but never forget the material World. Donate money to churches! Give! Love! Never mind this chaos! SEEK HELP OF ALL KINDS! From Magick to medical if you have to! Forget shame, embarrassment, ego, and so on. Guess what? I had a sadistic landlord in France and I also had to seek help in the government against him! They INSTANTLY put him in his place, while it took me months of nerves to combat that sadist!
  • YOUR PROSPERITY: Do you know where your prosperity is? It’s in the Internet business! The only question is what kind of website or blog you should open. It can be a YouTube channel! Or Pinterest! Or Quorra that I love and you can ask me questions there! I predicted and wrote a long time ago that Internet business IS the future! Look what happened now! Everyone MUST go online and I want to help because I am also an author of a Marketing Course due to 23+ years of experience by now! Again, contact me if you want real prosperity – we will find where it is for you!
  • YOUR LOVE = YOUR $$$: If you are single and want a new love these days, then I HIGHLY recommend 3-spell conjunction: Aphrodite Love Spell + Mercury Spell For Magick Speed (to beat slow down) + Pluto Spell to outpower all obstacles and solidify success. Please note that ALL these spells are also money-drawing spells automatically! It’s like “get laid and get paid” approach!
  • PEOPLE OFTEN ASK: What is the most powerful anti-evil spell? From my experience, they go like this: Archangel St. Michael Spell (hey, who wants to fight the Right Hand of God???), Phantom Warrior, and Run Devil Run if people are involved (for example, you have a teenager and peers offer narcotics… Or someone wants to kill you…) Another spell that I used to stop gangsters who shot my friend’s house and swore to come back was this Mars Spell. They all got arrested on the way to his house – pilled over just 2 blocks away with their guns ready…
  • MILD CONFUSION: As of November 2021, PlutoCraft website may be a bit hard to navigate. I am working on it. Many people ask me: “WHERE ARE ALL OF YOUR SPELLS?” All of my products and services are here! All spells are in this section. And all anti-evil spells are here! Just navigate my shop, website or simply contact me!

Finally… People Ask Me If I Do Exorcism At The Distance. YES! And So Far, With 100% Success Rate! That’s Also Anti-Evil Fight And A Strong One!

Image of exorcism description
Click on the image to go to the exorcism page

A Girl Who Needed Protection…

Protection Spell Image
Click on the image to go to Protection Magick

10 Main Things That Case Envy And Jealousy In 2021 – 2022 (In Images)

Advice: do an anti-evil spell or protect them carefully!!!

# 1 – Money

# 2 – Happy Relationship

# 3 – Happy Friendships

# 4 – Comfortable Sexuality

# 5 – Availability of Intimacy

# 6 – Being And Staying Attractive

# 7 – Owning Your Successful Internet Business

# 8 – Climbing To Success!

# 9 – Having Freedom And Travelling Even Within The Country


Wisdom Lesson: even if you don’t have all of this, but have some – protect it with passion! Don’t give it away! And if you have a chance to have more of it, do the best you can to get it! You will see and witness how well it will all pay off!

I hope I made an educational and interesting article for you to uplift you during these hard times!

Enjoy it and share it with others!

Master PlutoCraft


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