Moon Magick is the blog category of PlutoCraft that deals with days of the moon for spell casting and even divination. Here, I will present you with some lessons that explain to you how to cast spells during certain phases of the moon. Basically, there are four main phases: new, waning, full, waxing. There is also dark moon and eclipse.

Let’s not forget about dark moon as well.

Moon is very powerful for casting spells for love, money, sex, protection and so much more. Basically, you have to use moon cycles in order to time spells for maximum success.

When doing moon magick itself, be sure that you know how to draw the energy of the moon for your specifil needs. And this is an interesting practice on it’s own!

Moon Magick is a very powerful form of practice, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Moon Magick And Best Days For Casting Spells

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Know About Moon Magick And It's Correspondance Days For Casting Spells! Moon magick in itself is very powerful. Many people are interested when exactly they can deal with magick and when it’s not allowed. The right choice of the day is really important. It influences the power of the ceremony and also the subject of [...]

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