We all know what happened in 2020. I just arrived in Poland to finish and launch a project with my dear friend. And 3 weeks later, the government of Poland closed the borders due to this thing called “Coronavirus”. Well, that’s what I thought back then. We did not feel it in Poland too much.


The second change made me realize that I need some serious transformation if I want to continue living (not just serving) the Coronavirus. It was a bit challenging to “stay positive” when almost everyone is affected by fear of getting sick or the epidemic itself.Finally, I decided to make a dream come true and moved to France. That’s where I learned to live, not just surviving. See, France is a very unique country with its own philosophy. It’s very magical too (great for Magick!).

With a few mental adjustments, life became much happier!”And Like This Too…

Looks Powerful? You Bet! Feels Powerful. And Most Importantly – Magick Works With Massive Power In Here!” Ok, now comes very interesting news.

I did not move to France just because. I visited this country four times before for a reason: to test how Magick works here.

What I found out is that spells work much better and much faster in here!

What’s the reason?

It’s history. It’s the land. It’s the creation.

See, all these Cathedrals you see in the pictures are here because land in itself is magical. Very magical. People felt it and invested a lot of energy, symbolism, resources, definitely money, and much, much more to build greatness here.

Now I can do upgraded Magick for you – automatically! When you order anything from me, you now know that it comes from a magical place like no other! For example, all the love spells that I cast in here surprised even me. At first, I thought that my clients are busy – well, they turned out to be busy with their loved ones! And that gives me massive, joyful, and very intense happiness!

Wow! What can I say! I am very glad that I made this choice! When a magician lives in a magical place, he gets all the supporting energy for his work, be it Magick or Remote Influencing…

Even psychic readings took the new dimension here.

And this leads us to something very interesting…

France Is A Romance Country! Therefore, When Master PlutoCraft Casts Your Love Spell From France – You Get An Automatic Massive Boost!

If you haven’t caught on this though yet, try to do it:

France is a romantic country and it is surrounded by sexy, romantic, and powerful love energies!

Get this: there is no better place to cast your love spells than France! It’s like they automatically come with all the energy upgrades you can only imagine and energies that you don’t even know exist!

The same goes for sex spells and money spells. Actually, the very same goes for protection spells and all kinds of spells.

Do you know why?

I will explain: France has a very rich history. Especially where I live… In fact, the apartment I just rented is over 700 (not a typo) years old and it’s not that old.

So, let’s sum it up!

You have Master PlutoCraft who took authority in Magick was back in 2010.

Your spells are cast from the magical place where energies are not only supported – but also boosted with massive levels of power!

And you have one of the best customer support in the World (if not the best). At least, I know two facts: I never heard anyone providing better customer support and I know for sure that I always do my best.

With that said, you have the power to choose who will be your magician. Think of yourself and your loved one. Trust your case in good hands. Magick is not a toy. It’s not a joke. It’s a privilege to have an energetic correction in life which can obtain you something that could be completely impossible to obtain without it.

Treat it with respect. No disrespect will be tolerated at PlutoCraft. It is a temple of transformation. Energies cannot be created or destroyed – they can only be transformed.

Let me transform what you desire and let my new place inspire and empower your desired transformation!

Be like over 70% of my customers! Once they tried me – they became customers, friends, partners and some became my colleagues, even promoters who refer other people for my services! I want to impress upon you that once you trust me with your problems – you too will be surprised on the Highest Spiritual Level and you will only be glad you did!

Overall – 5,000 spells, readings, remote influencing sessions with over 98% success rate in the upcoming 10 years in business speak the truth.

Do not support charlatans – support real magicians who work hard for you!


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