Today, I want to write a blog about gifts. I may be harsh and call the worthless gifts.

Imagine that some holiday comes and you give someone a gift:

  • A gift cars
  • Some $20.00 bill
  • Some item that will later collect dust
  • Or maybe nothing?

So, you give it to your daughter, son, husband, wife, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend… You name it.

But now imagine that there is a different kind of gift.

Imagine that that special someone has a wish and they want this wish to come true. You can ask them what they wish. If they say “Gosh, I don’t know, then they NEED clarity” – that would be one of the best gifts you can make in such case!


You find out what their wish is and you let us know. We have a special candle called Secret Desires Wishing Candle.

The main rule is you do NOT tell the FIRST you got it for them.

But after they got their wish (or you did yours if you order for yourself), then you can say:

“I granted it!” or…

“PlutoCraft granted it”

The choice if yours.

Now, let’s talk about wishes.

What are the powerful wishes?

  • Buying a new car
  • Finishing school
  • Finding soulmate
  • Getting with that special someone (love, sex, passion)
  • Psychic ability attunment
  • Marriage improvement
  • Protection on many levels
  • MONEY! I mean, lots of money!
  • Opening a new business
  • Getting over low self esteem
  • Or can your creativity come up with something else right now?

Do you now see why I say that THESE types of wishes are much more powerful than $20.00 bill?

It shows true care! A genuine care from your heart.

Making a gift just because it is a custom traditional culture is like saying “Here, I’m done, bye”…

But helping someone from the bottom of your heart achieving their dreams – now, that’s God! That’s love! That’s care! That’s compassion!

And oh boy, we make these candles powerful.

We do our BEST for a wish to come true.

In fact, why not get one for yourself?

We all have wishes, right?

Don’t delay, don’t second guess, don’t procrastinate – get Secret Desires Wishing Candle Now!

There is a catch: you must keep in it secret until wish is granted. Then, you can talk!

And hey, you can still give that $20.00 bill if you want to.

But make RIGHT gifts and you WILL receive right gifts yourself! It is a tested, proven, ancient formula.

Wise ones know about it.

Make your choice!

Here is a link to check out and get the candle:

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