Past Life Readings

Have you ever wondered what or who you were in a past life?

Do you feel like the past is haunting you?

We have all been other people and even animals in our past lives. Knowing the answer to who you were can help you to empower who you are today.

Master Plutocraft can read into your past selves to see where current conflicts began and how to resolve them in this life. No two past life readings are the same.

  • You can learn what animal you were and how your past life ended. This helps determine what challenges you are meant to overcome now, as well as your strengths & weaknesses.
  • You may discover that some of the people you know have been with you in past lives. This is a side-effect of karma that is repeating and trying to be corrected. Aquelay can help you work with this.
  • Major events in your past life are often still echoing in time, bringing the same struggles into your current life. Learn how to unblock these conflicts for good with easy, daily exercises.
  • Did you know that we all have an “inner ancestry”? Knowing your spiritual ancestry can help you to get in touch with your true self on deeper levels.

These are just a few examples of what a past life reading can uncover. Each individual has unique past lives. By getting a highly intuitive and informative reading with Aquelay you can receive the information you need to move forward and resolve the past. This reading can benefit literally everyone, as we are all here in this life to deal with the past.

Aquelay offers past life readings as written reports or she can perform them for you live over Skype. Simply contact us to find out more!

Note: Aquelay is fluent in both Spanish and English!

Past Life Readings