PlutoCraft strongly suggests following a specific protocol for ordering Love Magick:

  1. You must first order Case Diagnostic. This page explains why this is the crucial step that can make your case either a total success or a complete failure. We are not taking any complex Love Magick cases without performing a comprehensive diagnostic first. Case Diagnostics take about 3 – 5 days to perform.Example: Jane thinks she needs a Love Spell to return her husband. After performing a Case Diagnostic, we discover that Jane needs counter-Magick and Uncrossing work to return her husband. Why? Because someone else likes Jane’s husband and hired a root worker to lure him in. This strategy brought total success. IF Jane would proceed with the Love Spell, she would create hate in her husband towards her. Why? Because casting Love Spells on someone who is bewitched creates counter-productive effect. On top of that, Jane herself would get a back-fire of Love Spell itself, making herself obsessed and illusional. This is just a very minor example of the story.Do not forget about past lives, Karma and other variables that go into the Love Magick, It is the most demanded, yet the most complex field of work that only handful of Magicians know how to resolve properly.
  2. After we perform your Case Diagnostic, then we will be able to provide you with best possible solution to your problem – in order to resolve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Usually, there are several options available to resolve a problem. Case Diagnostic saves you time, money and unnecessary hassle of casting counter-productive spells, that make your situation worse that it originally is.Keep in mind that we already had a lot of customers who went somewhere else for “cheaper and easier” services, then returning to us, screaming that their life if in chaos, not to mention that their loved one got extremely distant and asked to never even contact them again.In such cases, we charge extra fees to remove damaging work of the root workers, different “mamas”, “papas” or whoever else, who doesn’t know even basics of Love Magick work.Remember that empty promises do not make success. Others claim a lot, yet, for obvious reasons – customers return to us, stay with us and refer to us.Our 98%+ proven success rate speaks for itself. There are REASONS why we have such a success rate.Not to offend anyone, but against stupidity, even Gods are helpless. And greed usually makes people pay several times more – another proven fact.
  3. Exact pricing for services will be determined after Case Diagnostic is complete. Approximate pricing, which is often higher is determined when the customer declines Case Diagnostic. In such case, we just simply go to the maximum and aim for worst case scenario.
  4. In order to perform a Case Diagnostic, please have ready as much details as possible:- Both of your names- If competition is involved and their names are known, or anything about them is known, we would want that.
    – Both of your DATES of birth
    – Both of your TIMES of birth
    – Both of your LOCATIONS of birth
    – Both of your photos and photos of others involved, if any.
    – Current location.If you do not have some of this information, this is perfectly ok. The reason we need as much information as possible is so that we can also run the most accurate Astrology charts on top of Psychic information to perform cross-matching.
  5. All payments for the cases are due upfront before we perform your work. Only CERTAIN, RETURNED customers are allowed to have split-payment system. All payments are based in USD dollars because PlutoCraft is an American-based company, servicing customers from all around the World.
  6. If we take your case, you will be informed about updates on your case.
  7. STRONG WARNING FOR OBSESSIVE & ABUSIVE CUSTOMERS: PlutoCraft does NOT tolerate abusive behavior. We are in the business of performing Magick, solving cases and reuniting lovers. We are NOT in the business of time-consuming emotional babysitting. We do not need to get 20 emails daily from someone, reporting every minor detail and asking same questions over and over again. Such a type of a customer will be suspended very quickly and will be replaced with a new, mature customer. Maintain normal business attitude and behavior with us and expect miracles! If you cannot deal that you are not with your loved one at this time, we strongly suggest to seek help of a professional therapist. We can, however, provide extra consultations and Psychic Readings if you feel that you need one.