Psychic Food Readings

i put identity of money in orange juice

Do you know deep down that things can be better?

Do you get the feeling that your issues should be easy to resolve?

Rest assured that you are right. Unblocking your inner limitations and resolving past issues in your daily life is easier than you think. This is exactly what psychic food readings are for!

Here is how Aquelay performs her amazing service:

I read about the conflict you have and give you a set of tools with food, exercise, dancing, clothes, make up (for women), and meditations to unblock it. Additionally I can help you with magic work to enhance the result.

If you want to work on a particular subject, for instance work, money, self-esteem, love, having a young body, freedom, or power we can do this together. First I need to read your energy to determine how to best unblock the conscious/unconscious issues and then we work on them with easy yet very effective exercises.

Aquelay has studied extensively the benefits of using certain foods and exercise as methods of balancing emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Our body and mind best respond to food, colors, and physical exercises when it comes to resolving issues.

Remember: The correct food and exercise can give excellent results very quickly. Aquelay achieves very noticeable detox side effects.

Aquelay offers two additional products:

  • Dancing to resolve unconscious conflicts with: money, work, youth, your own space, freedom, and power.
  • We can choose to have a young or old body, what is your choice? Aquelay can help you realize options you didn’t even know you had.

If you wish to have a reading with Aquelay about any issue, contact us today!

Psychic Food Reading